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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Sam, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Sam


    They're making the page zoom out every time I open a thread, like so:


    That blank space at the right hand side is so annoying and then I can never resize the page correctly.
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  2. That stupid red bull ad keeps doing this to me
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  3. Same, it's cutting the text off on the right third of the screen which makes posts unreadable on the mobile version.
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  4. Another one complaining about the Red Bull ad! Having to tactically hit the Stop button every time a page loads before the ad kicks in and resizes everything, rendering the page unreadable.
  5. It’s really starting to piss me off!
  6. I am getting continuous popups on every page about the privacy settings and though clicking 'this is all great' it somehow comes back the next page.
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  7. Same, although it's not an ad.
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  8. Ow oops. I didn't see that thread, my bad. I thought it fit best here hehe.
  9. Just dropping in to add my displeasure with those Red Bull ads, which now seem to follow me about!
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  10. These new Red Bull/Train ads are preventing me from viewing and interacting with the forum on my mobile. Like the ads mentioned above they stretch the screen so I cannot read posts properly and it then hides the post reply button. There’s rarely an X to close it too. I had to refresh this page a lot in order to be able to reply here. Is it the same for anyone else?
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  11. I can't read the forum on my mobile at all now.

  12. @Popjustice

    I'm getting a popup asking me if I want to download 'VdnaRequestServlet.js from' whenever I load any page and I have to remember to click 'cancel' every time I go to a new page otherwise more popups will just keep coming.

    Also, this is on Internet Explorer, not mobile.
  13. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Can you screenshot if you get it again? Thanks!
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  14. Done.

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  15. These adverts keep popping up and hovering even more I think. Just wanted to make a note of it.
  16. The timberland banner ad is causing me a lot of issues. Can't exit it and can't use any of the task bar at the top of the forum. Save me @Popjustice

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  17. Glad it's not just me. The timberland advert is the most annoying one so far.

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  18. Yes I’m afraid that Timberland ad is only giving me 50% of my daily PJ dose
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  19. This one is pure evil.
  20. @Popjustice the Timberland ad is making the forum unusable on mobile.
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