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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Sam de Jour, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Timberland now more hated than Timberlake on Popjustice.
  2. This happened to me ALL the time with a stupid Red Bull advert. DOWNLOAD AN ADBLOCK VPN FOR YOUR PHONE.
  3. Timberland ad is a pain!
  4. Ooh it’s strengthened its evil: I can’t actually see the full text of what I’m posting. What wonderful ‘user experience’
  5. Hush is really doing the fucking most now.
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with Amazon ads? I feel like whenever I go to click on notifications it pops up and I accidentally click on it
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  7. Yes, keeps happening to me too. Earlier in the week it happened at work and I got a full-volume blast of Queen for my trouble. Luckily I was not in the main part of the office.
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  8. I'm having trouble with mobile with amazon prime - no matter what i click on it get taken to prime and now i've gone on my laptop as it was frustrating me and it's the same.
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  9. What fresh hell is this!




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  10. I can’t even work out if everything on my screen is what you’ve posted or ads I’m getting displayed as there’s so much going on these days!
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  11. I’ve clicked the Dr Martens one a hundred times now when I’ve been wanting to click notifications.
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  12. Me too. Literally have to refresh loads of times to see my notifications, very frustrating!
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  13. "I'm thinking about changing my streaming service to the one that keeps blocking half my screen with its ads" - absolutely no-one ever.
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  14. I haven’t had any issues for a few weeks but the Doc Marten ad is causing real issues for me again.
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  15. Yeah the Dr Martin ads are the newest annoyance. I have to refresh the page many times in order for the screen to be displayed correctly and not stretched @Popjustice
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  16. The Levi's ad is incredibly annoying and pops up immediately after xing
  17. Hello,
    Not sure if this is a mobile ad issue or a spam issue or something else...
    But for the past ~24 hours when browsing the forum on iPhone in Safari, I am getting automatically rerouted to "" which informs me I have won a Visa gift card. It opens so many pages that it's impossible to scroll back to the original thread. I also tried clearing out history etc. and it still happens. I've only noticed it in the Off Topic sub-forums (but I don’t frequent every part of the forum to know for sure).
  18. I’m now getting them for and
  19. Keep getting forwarded to a spammy site about winning a voucher.

    This was happening on tattle also last month
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