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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Sam, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. I hope Melanie Martinez realises her advert is actively turning off people going to her tour. If the ad is on the page, I can’t edit a post, also the amount of times I’ve pressed my notifications only for the ad to suddenly pop in and take me off the site is driving me mad.
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  2. It’s a bit much! It’s popping up on Every. Single. Page. Not to mention navigating/site usage a pain! How many times do I need to close it down! No means no Melanie hen.
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  3. I came here to say exactly the same. It’s driving me crazy.
  4. Is the navy background with the stars making the forum really laggy for anyone else? I can't even make out what the advert is for. Super annoying.
  5. Is anybody finding ads are squashing the forum and making it unpleasant to read on an iPad? It’s fine on a phone, but the iPad makes it horrendous. Screenshot below

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  6. Ok this Lady GaGa ad banner is making the forum practically unusable on my iPad so thanks for that.

    Basically what @maverick_79 says above.
  7. Yes this is happening to me too.
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  8. Same!
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  9. @Popjustice help please, I can’t deal with this during lockdown

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  10. Same here, why is this happening on ipads?
  11. The ad doesn't even close when you hit the X button. It opens their site in another window.

    I get the need to sell advertising space, but this...
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  12. The ads are now including an X which looks like the close button but isn’t anything at all. So when you tap on it it’s a click through to their site.
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  13. I mean nobody’s going to look at advertising if they stop going to the website are they.
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  14. The Voxi ad is getting worse on iPad. Used to be fine for me in landscape mode but it’s making the site pretty much unusable.

  15. Beyond ridiculous. Popjustice is now unusable on an iPad due to this ad.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  17. I thought the Voxi virus was gone, must be the second wave, it is driving me nuts.
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  18. MB


    It's now doing it on my bloody mac book, it takes up more of the screen than the actual forum at the best of times.
  19. Yep, unusable on desktop too. And that x is super shady.
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  20. MB


    Is this ever going to be sorted out? I actually can’t use the forum on my mac anymore and it’s 50/50 on my phone. Very frustrating. I get y’all need to make an income from ads but seriously...
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