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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Sam, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Indeed it is. It's like the Popjustice version of Jaws 2:
    "Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the forum..."
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  2. This is still pissing everybody off.
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  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Sorry, only @Popjustice has anything to do with the ads on the site.
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  4. Even regular, inoffensive ads don't appear properly. They don't hinder use of the forum like Voxi, but yeah, just a heads up that something's up with all ads right now @Popjustice

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  5. Yeah this is not just a Voxi thing, there's a new ad doing it now too. I think this problem is sticking around until someone intervenes.

  6. This issue is fast making the forum unusable on the device I have.
  7. We got through the VOXI/1975 hell and it was all fine for a I'm getting my screen squashed by ads for Chromatica? An album that literally everyone using this forum knows about already and anyone who was going to buy/listen to almost certainly has by now?

    Money well spent, clearly.
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  8. I still think a subscription to an ad free version of the forum would be good. I like the idea of supporting the hot pink hellsite financially.
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  9. Yeah thanks Chromatica, I won’t be buying you now.
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  10. Adverts for The Great are killing the site once again.

    I mean I like looking at Nicholas Hoult but there’s a time and a place. . .
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  11. I dunno if it'll help but I use the "Popjustice 17" forum theme and never get any issues (or even adverts). You can change the theme at the bottom of the page.

    Also much prefer the grey theme instead of the hot pink nightmare.
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  12. This worked for me!
  13. I did this too and it makes the forum way more accessible!
  14. My thoughts exactly.
  15. Why am I being terrorised by 3 different massive adverts on rotation? Honda, Canada’s Drag Race AND Costa. I truly don’t deserve this.
  16. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Try HeartSwells' method above and change the forum style, I don't even see ads anymore. I chose PPJST.
  17. Thank you, we needed a resolution!
  18. The Sony Unknown Realities ads are
    but thanks for the tip about theme 17
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