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Mobo Awards 2009

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sifr, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. The MOBO Awards has always been seen as the bog end of the awards ceremony. I thought about starting my own ceremony called MODO Awards. Music Of Dire Origin.
  2. I also enjoyed watching the comedy gay in the pit doing the 'Beat Again' routine with his mate, without realising how silly he looked on TV.
  3. What a particularly vile comment.

    Since when has miscarriage been something to joke about? Fuck me that plumbs perezhiltonesque depths of humanity.
  4. Alesha was up for Best Video with 'The Boy Does Nothing'.
    HOW IS THAT MUSIC OF BLACK ORIGIN?! It's just a pop song.

    Seriously, using that logic, Girls Aloud should've been nominated.
  5. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    The Boy Does Nothing... what genre is that? Mambo or something... doesn't that originate from Cuba? Are Cubans black? I dunno.

    The criteria is: Popstar has to be brown or a wigga.

  6. I only watched the first half of the Kelly Rowland performance but what was up with the sound (they screwed up Keri's as well), I will have to youtube it since most of you are saying she pulled it off. She looked great in that dress though. I hope this knocks Tinchy down a peg or 2, he has got far too cocky.
  7. I can't even work out who it's in reference to.
  8. In complete agreement.

    Alesha? 'Music of black origin'. It's pop.
    JLS? 'Music of black origin'. It's pop.
  9. Pop is music of black origin.
  10. The Mobo's have always been crap - how can people be nominated for best this and that when they have only had one single.
  11. I think it refers to mis-hearing the lyric 'Miss Keri Baby'
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I remember the days when Popjuctice was fun. People had a sense of humour, were less bitchy and more open minded.
  13. What The FUCK indeed. Also i didn't realise i had tuned into The Dappy Show!? I hate him. He is such a TWAT. I've renamed him TWATTY! I kept expecting him to do a Kanye & storm the stage during JLS' performance.

    Kelly Rowland's DIVA-esque moment. Loved it. However, i thought she ruined what is an amazing song. Loved the fact JLS won two awards. Tinchy was amazing, he should have won something last night & Taio Cruz...witwooo! Thought the Michael Jackson tribute was amazing & LaToyah looked beautiful last night.
  14. Yep. If Pixie Lott had done The Boy Does Nothing, I wonder if it would've been nominated.... hmm...

    And JADE EWEN was nominated as a best newcomer (whose single hadn't even been released, and ended up just scraping the top 40), yet Cheryl Cole isn't even nominated (yet will easily go top 10). They're both doing pop/r&b music so I'd love to see that one explained.
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    There's really very little need for the MOBOs anymore. It seems the only criteria is that the nominees aren't caucasian. It's an exclusionary and borderline racist ceremony. It's 2009, non-whites are hardly under-represented in the music world, in fact it's one of the areas they are most visible, successful and respected. As for the concept of "music of black origin", you might as well say "beef of cow origin".
  16. The criteria for nominations is so blurred and makes absolutely no sense. Has it always been the Lidl of awards shows or has it just plunged those depths over the past few years?

    I always thought the girl out of N-Dubz was quite pretty but she seemed to be channeling Miss Piggy/Letitia Dean last night.
  17. You don;t think taking the piss out of Kelly Rowland's miscarriage is a bit OTT?
  18. On one hand, I can see the need for the MOBOs. For example, Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk would never be nominated for a Brit Award. And it is important to give recognition to reggae, jazz and gospel music.

    However, nominations like Alesha Dixon, JLS and Alexandra Burke are a bit of a joke.

    I think that PJ summed it up well by saying that if the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party was still around, a lot of the awards and nominees would be the same as this year's MOBO awards.
  19. Again, it's about mishearing a Keri Hilson (not Kelly Rowland) lyric. Apparently some people mistook 'Miss Keri Baby' on one of her tracks for 'Miscarried baby'.

    I'm neither supporting nor campaiging against the original remark.
  20. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Keri Hilson co-hosted the awards.

    One of her songs contains the repeated lyrics "Miss Kerri Baby"

    Miss Kerry Baby sounds like "miscarried baby".

    Therein lies the 'joke'.
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