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Mobo Awards 2009

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sifr, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. If breakfast2 didn't mean it like that I apologise - but it's, at least, on the knife edge of very poor taste given the singer's history.
  2. I do apologize Pop Weasel if you took offense to my comment. SockMonkey's explanation is correct...
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Except 3 people knew about Kelly miscarrying. And rightly so.
  4. I still think people are getting their Keris, Kellys and co-hosts mixed up.
  5. The MOBOs are so irrelevant it's not even worth joking about. I didn't think anyone still took them seriously.
  6. i liked the fact that the mobos were in my hometown of glasgow. my highlight was hearing my friend who works at the secc freak out that he saw kimberly wyatt at the do. oh how jealous i was this morning.
  7. It's already been touched on, but deserves repeating again:

    What part of When Loves Takes Over has its origins in black music? Or is it because Kelly is black? Would Beat Again have won an award had it been sung by Westlife?

    I don't want to create or add to any race discussion that has the potential to become twisted and out of hand but why is it that the race of the artist has so much more to do with how a song or act is categorized than the music? I've lost count the amount of times I've screamed at an advert for an R&B compilation album that some of the songs aren't R&B, they're just songs sang by a black person.
  8. I think they should be stopped to be honest. it's just creating more of a divide between black and white and it's pointless. If there was a MOWO's there would be an uproar.
  9. Agreed.

    I've also said that I think it's ridiculous that there is a ceremony for black music.

    What about MOWOs, MOAOs?
  10. MOMRO <--- Music Of Mixed Race Origin. EQUALITY FOR ALL!!
  11. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    I reckon we should have MOGO Awards next. Music of Gay Origin. Only LGBT people will meet our criteria, regardless of the sub genre they fall into.
  12. really good show...really good
  13. But Girls Aloud would just win everything.
  14. Kylie, Madonna, Britney, GaGa.

    Maybe they won't.

    Would be the greatest awards show ever though!
  15. Doesn't this (almost) exist in the USA? I'm sure the LOGO channel had an awards show which a fledgling GaGa performed at.
  16. Isn't that what the Brits are, pretty much?
  17. Weezerfan is thinking of the NewNowNext Awards (two posts up)...
  18. We could also have the MOJO JOJO awards. But there can only be one winner there:

  19. I'd sooner grate my own ears than listen to an N-Dubz album, so I'll gladly take your word for it.
  20. That's the one, thanks!
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