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Moby - everything was beautiful and nothing hurt (March 2)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. The thing with Moby is, everything has become just very ‘Moby’ sounding ... Ordinarily I don’t mind heritage(ish) acts just giving us more of the same, but in Moby’s case the tracks themselves start go become one big ball of Moby, far less the albums and it’s hard to remember (or care) to listen to it once you’ve bought it ...
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  2. The title is very 'I used poppers before submitting my bussy' isn't it. Kurt Vonnegut been knew.
  3. Here's the album cover and track listing:


    01 Mere Anarchy
    02 The Waste of Suns
    03 Like a Motherless Child
    04 The Last of Goodbyes
    05 The Ceremony of Innocence
    06 The Tired and the Hurt
    07 Welcome to Hard Times
    08 The Sorrow Tree
    09 Falling Rain and Light
    10 The Middle is Gone
    11 This Wild Darkness
    12 A Dark Cloud is Coming

    Available to pre-order on iTunes for £6.99 too.
  4. I thought that album cover was a joke for a minute, Moby, sis, wyd?
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  5. Moby is very very very about animal rights, veganism etc. It can be...a lot sometimes but on the other hand, I admire his commitment to the cause.
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  6. It's put me me off Moby completely. I regret ever following him on social media.

    It doesn't help that I haven't really loved any of his releases since Wait for Me in 2009.
    Wait for Me does this, but instead of being dull it's great.
  7. Loving this so far. Not really bothered with him since destroyed but mere anarchy is brilliant
  8. I get frustrated that Wait For Me isn't available to stream. Why?
  9. I never noticed this. Shame.
  10. There’s something comforting that both Moby and Morcheeba have albums out right now.

    This is a pleasant return to (safe) form after the ghastly mess of his past 2 albums.
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  11. Moby's gone back to the old school:

  12. Couple of nice tracks on the album. (Rise up in love and My only love)
  13. Listened to this for the first time in ages. What. A. Bop.

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  14. LMX


    Gorgeous album
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