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Moderation and Rules Discussion

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Subwaykid, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Hi all!

    As requested, I have created a thread to have a conversation about Moderation and Rules on the Forum. As I'm sure you are all aware, you can find the current rules here.

    There was a bit of a discussion about new policies and procedures for moderation during the rounds of voting for new moderators, but I know not every user has read that thread and there is, of course, other discussions in there so this one will be used for General Moderation and Rules Discussions, as needed. If there are any concerns with regards to rules, please put them here.

    This is not a place to name and shame "rule breakers" or any member for that matter. Please continue to use the Report feature when you see a post that goes against the Forum guidelines, and as a personal request, please be a bit detailed with regards to why the post is in violation.

  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The rules haven't been updated in a while so, for clarity, here is how some of these are being enforced now.

    In practice, if this is on a site like YouTube and you're simply embedding it, we tend to leave it as is and let YouTube handle any copyright violation stuff.

    We're more lenient on reaction GIFs now so if you've put one or two GIFs in your post then that's fine - although posting large numbers of GIFs in a single post or posting nothing but GIFs repeatedly in a thread will still get your posts edited or deleted.

    I want to emblazon this one across the forum. We are enforcing this one but we won't necessarily spot things unless you report them to us. If you've seen mods take action in one thread but not in another, report the posts that you think haven't been addressed. This is more helpful than simply saying "I can't believe you're acting on this when I saw X doing something worse somewhere else!"

    'Stan' has had a lot of its negative implications diluted over time, so using the word is generally fine if you're literally just using it to mean 'fan'. If you're using the word to imply that someone is irrational or unreasonable, that's when you're likely to get your post edited or deleted.

    This one is still being enforced.

    Midweek chart information in the UK is now publicly available so this is actually fine now.

    We receive several reports that literally just say "." or something equally uninformative. If you tell us what your concern is, it's more likely we'll understand what the problem is and take action.

    We're trying to ensure that you do get notifications when we deal with something you've reported or when we delete one of your posts, but yes, this still applies.
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  3. Here's a question - what's the policy regarding users who post almost nothing else except tweets in threads? I've seen it happen pretty often and it seems like a way to just get likes for what's in the tweet, without actually adding anything at all to the thread discussion. I know I definitely post the odd tweet here and there but I almost always add a comment to it, but it seems like some users really take the piss with this.
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  4. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Good question! We were just having a discussion about this the other day and came to the consensus that it’s permissible. There’s really nothing against it in the rules and there are cases where the thread itself, even if people are following along, doesn’t generate much conversation, for whatever reason, and so the tweets or similar embeds are helpful in that regard.

    I would say the most glaring exception would be if the content in a thread became just tweet embeds, especially from the same user, it might be a case of having to move the thread or sending a PM to that user that there just might not be enough interest to continue bumping the thread.

    Of course, like all forum policies, this is open to a discussion at large so if anyone feels differently, please use this thread (or a private PM) to let us know!
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Effective immediately, Tribal Spaceman is no longer a moderator. This decision was taken by the moderating team as a result of a detailed discussion among the moderating team following recent events in the COVID-19 thread and follow-up discussions with Tribal Spaceman.

    This isn't a decision that was taken lightly. If you have questions or concerns about it, please message me or one of the other moderators.

    For the record, this is the list of current moderators:
    Slice of Life

    SockMonkey and Popjustice are administrators, which means that, in addition to moderation powers, they have the ability to delete accounts and give or remove moderating privileges.
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  6. Is this thread also for suggesting new rules? Can we make it a rule that if an artist thread has less than 10 pages in multiple years that they don't need another thread created for a new era? It's honestly a pet peeve of mine.
  7. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    This makes sense! Editing them into an Artist General Discussion thread seems fairly effective in this case. If there’s any that are currently active, let one of us know.
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’ve already been consolidating threads for some artists with only a couple of pages per era - e.g. LeToya Luckett. Feel free to PM me if you spot any other examples and I’ll consolidate them for you.
  9. Hi! Sorry in advance if this exists somewhere I haven't found, but is there a place we can find a list of all the rules to keep in mind here? Similar to the below, I've received edits to my posts for minor things I'm not aware of, and it would be helpful to know what we can and cannot do on here, if possible.

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