Modern Family



Hayley & Alex stole the episode.

"Do you kiss your imaginary girlfriend with that mouth?" "WHO DID THIS?!!"


The episode was good; better than any of the ones of the past few weeks. The basement scene where Mitch was pretending to be Bud had me rolling.
This weeks episode was really good. I love Gloria's mother, she's incredible.

Did anyone else notice that they used the same mall/set for the santa's grotto as Glee did for their christmas episode?
I've watched the whole lot again over the past few weeks. It never gets old. Even the "bad" episodes aren't that bad.
I haven't watched in ages but I checked out Three Dinners, which seemed to me like a classic Modern Family episode, nailing that sweet spot where the comedy is both understated and broad. Mitch and Cam were the best.


Caught up on 2 weeks worth of episodes last night: they were both really great.
I haven't quite descended into "hate-watching" territory with Modern Family yet, maybe you could say I'm begrudgingly still watching, but I must give credit where credit is due and for me the Las Vegas episode was one of the top 3 episodes of all time.

Stupid and unrelated question... I know we call a year of TV a "season" here in the US and they call it a "series" in the UK, but what do you call the entire, multiple-season run of a show in the UK? Because I think we would call THAT a series here.
It's also called a series, bizarrely.

I'm quite glad 'seasons' have begun to infiltrate the vernacular here.


As much as the show has improved in the past few months ("Three Dinners" was amazing), it's still not as good as it once was.

I think it needs a game-changer, in the way that Monica and Chandler getting together was a game-changer in Friends.

I just have no idea what could change the dynamic of the show without interfering too much with the chemistry that's made it so successful.
I'm watching my first episode of this series. I knew it was only a matter of time before Luke completely freaked me out with his growth spurts and disconcerting voice changes. Brrrrr....