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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Melodifestivalen veteran Molly Sandén has slowly but steadily been releasing a string of singles over the past year that help to make up her third studio album Större, which is due to be released on 27th April.

    Album cover:

    1. Större
    2. Undanflykter
    3. Rygg mot rygg
    4. Sand
    5. Du kan inte ta mig
    6. Ner
    7. Utan dig (feat. Newkid)
    8. Ingen som jag
    9. Du med mig
    10. Säg det
    11. Ditt sanna jag (feat. Leslie Tay)
    12. Skynda långsamt

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  2. Ditt sanna jag is one of my top songs this year. Also Undanflykter just came out, who knew she was the Swedish queen of trap bops?

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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm really liking Större so far.

    It only makes me crave for more Adrijana.
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  4. The album is very pleasant but nothing slayed me.

    I'm just going to the storre
  5. I've no idea who she is or what she's done/sounded like before, but

    I Like These™


    The album/EP/mini-album etc. is pretty good too. Brief and boppy.

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  7. Island

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    This mini album is so much better than Större.
  8. Molly won 3 of the main categories at last night's Swedish Grammis:

    Album of the year
    Artist of the year
    Pop album of the year

  9. Island

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    She's been killing it with these performances:

  10. God, her last two albums are spectacular. I find that they grow over months and melodies get stuck in my head seemingly at random. A sign of TALENT.
  11. Island

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    Another bop!
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  12. Island

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  13. Island

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  15. Island

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  16. Ooh I'm very excited for this. Husavik was unironically one of my favorite songs of last year nn
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  17. She isn’t eligible for the Oscar because she isn’t credited as a songwriter but I’m still incredibly happy she’ll get more recognition
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    She’s performing at the Oscars!
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  19. That's so weird. I just thought about looking this up to see if anything had been announced. That's so incredible and she's going to kill it. I genuinely want the song to win.
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