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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by smellycat, May 25, 2014.

  1. So, having my regular spin of Statues and I wanted to gush about it....But I wasn't too sure if it was appropriate for the Roisin thread. I can never get over how beautiful this album is, and it hasn't aged at all. The title track, familiar feeling, forever more, 100%, I want you and (especially) over and over are works of art.

    Also the lyricism of Ms Murphy is truly underated -

    'And if my skin were glass, my love, you would see a heart that keeps on beating only in the hope that you'll return. To me.' WONDERFUL.
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  2. I go through periods where I'm obsessed with Do You Like My Tight Sweater? and I Am Not A Doctor at least every four to six months. They're one of the most unique acts to come out of the mid-90's electronica boom.

    I haven't ever gotten around to listening to Things to Make and Do and Statues, although now that they're finally on US iTunes I think I'm going to change that.
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  3. The first three albums are so different to anything that came out around them. They were kooky and offbeat, but still managed some amazingly commercial hooks for the singles. Statues is the black sheep in that it's a lot more straightfoward and I see it as the bridge between Moloko and solo Roisin. You definitely need to give the latter two a listen, they're probably the best of the bunch.
  4. Forever More is SO good:
    That Technotronic-bass that sounds like a big piece of lead falling through the floor!
    "Someone to help me write the poetry of life!"
    The Video!!!
    Amazing live renditions!
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  5. Moloko were ruined by 'that' remix of Sing It Back ... It is brilliant but was better when it was a cd single curio rather than a massive hit ... After that there was expectation of success rather than just music for music's sake and things seemed a little forced ...

    Same with Roisin's debut, it comes across as kooky for kooky's sake more than anything ...

    DYLMTS is one of the best debut albums of all time for me though ... It's quirkiness was so refreshing during a period of britpop and deep house remixes ...
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  6. Statues is probably my favourite album of all time. Every song is a gem from start to finish. I only got into Moloko from Thing to make and do, which is good but patchy, which incidentally is how I'd describe every other Moloko album. The singles, the videos, everything about it was perfect.

    There are so many moments I could pick from that album, but the outro from Over and Over gets me every time.
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  7. The first 2 albums are A M A Z I N G
  8. Even though it's so brief, I could listen to 'Who Shot the Go-Go Dancer' (the spoken word intro anyway) over and over. It always cracks me up, and is one of the best song-titles of all time.
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  9. I agree with everyone. I love every Moloko's albums. My 2 better albums of all the time are "I am not a doctor" and "Statues". Different but irresistible !

    Il me semble qu'il y a des Français, s'il y en a, ce serait cool de pouvoir un peu s'exprimer en Français... !
  10. ... Tight Sweater is a great LP. So much better band than Morcheeba.
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  11. I believe it's only track on Moloko albums where Brydon's natural voice can be heard
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  12. Just realised I don't actually have 'Do you Like..' and had to put it right... thanks Zoverstocks and your 20p CDs!
    Now lets hope I get my moneys worth
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  13. Day For Night remains their pinnacle of genius for me. There's loads of other brilliant music but this one song just means the world to me. It's perfect for 1am, I return to it time and time again. It was a single in some countries, but the radio edit ruins it, so the album version is where it's at. The whole album is great, definitely their best.
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  14. Hoorah, "Do You Like My Tight Sweater?" is indeed pretty fine.

    ...though I could do without the short novelty inserts (and I feel similarly about several of the St Et interludes on their albums) which of course will never feature on my iPhone again...
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  15. Are you insane?! I LOVE things like that! It makes it feel much more like a set piece, start-to-end album adventure, rather than just a collection of songs. Saint Etienne's are brilliant, they're supposed to replicate a mixtape and I think that's what makes So Tough so brilliant. I do enjoy things like the spoken pieces tagged onto songs on Finisterre much less... but the cut'n'paste style on So Tough and the You're In A Bad Way EP are great.
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  16. Finisterre I was mainly thinking of... feels quite tagged on and I just think Shut Up! when he starts to speak.

    Obviously Foxbase wouldn't be the same without 'Would you like some sweets Willy' etc... but on the Moloko album they seem more annoying. We'll see...
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  17. I just received the first Moloko album ("do you like my tight sweater ?") on vinyl promo edition for... 5$... a chance ! on discogs... my gosh, I just couldn't resist to buy it ! It would be great if we could find some live audio (or video) of 1998/1999 era ("I am not a doctor"). The only that exist at this point is the Montreux Festival '98 (available on mixcloud)...
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  19. I think it's just a stock / rights-free pic?
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