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Moloko love

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by smellycat, May 25, 2014.

  1. Not sure if it counts as band or solo preoject

    Apparently all album copies had to be destroyed over one uncleared sample
  2. How come Forever More sounds so futuristic after 15 years? How come it's over 7 minutes long and it doesn't feel ONE second too long? How?

    As I already stated in Roisin thread I decided to check out Moloko albums so I hope we can keep this thread alive, in the meantime can you all rank their albums so I can see which one is fan favorite?

    I only listened Statues so far and i LOVED it.
  3. Listening their debut now and I am once again blown away. It's so fresh, it's so innovative, futuristic, it sends you to places, it somehow makes me feel nostalgic like I have been listening to it in 90s.
    I'm on Butterfly 747 now and there's not one song that i dislike or that i would've rated less than 4/5

    It's so weird and interesting, it changes it's pace every few minutes, never keeping it same or boring. Production is top notch, I haven't paid attention to lyrics that much, I will in the future.
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  4. So no love for them here anymore?

    Just watched Fun for Me music video, it's soooo good. I remember seeing some scenes of it on tv, i think VH1 used it for their commercials break in 00s

    It's also weird seeing Roisin with black hair
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  5. I always enjoyed their singles. Didn't delve as much into the albums, though own 'Do You Like My Tight Sweater?'

    'Where Is the What If the What Is In Why' was my first taste, and actually received a fair bit (albeit mostly in the middle of the night) of music video play on TV in Australia; partly helped by its release coinciding with one of the major music video programs refusing to play videos by major labels for a few months due to a royalties dispute. Oddly, it 'charted' (well, just scraping the top 200) here, but not in the UK.

    I also remember reading a single review for it in a free street press music newspaper that said "the video has to be seen to be believed".


    I also recall seeing an early/the first video for 'Fun For Me' here in early 1996, which I unfortunately later taped over and have never seen again.
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  6. Thanks for posting, I only recently for into Moloko and I'min desperate need to talk about them and their music.
    I actually stumbled upon original Fun for me video yesterday, i downloaded it, but haven;t seen it yet.

    Where Is the What If the What Is In Why is just amazing. triphop production and her vocal delivery is so good. It was weird on first listen, but it already grew on me, video works with the song too. It kinda looks familiar to me, I think I remember seeing it sometimes on VH1 or something. Moloko actually had pretty big support from music channels here.

    After only listening to their debut and Statues at this moment, i think I can already say that I prefer Moloko's albums over Roisin's. And I really love her as a solo artist, but i don't really love any other album by her except of Overpowered. I think they are too serious and artsy fartsy (Ruby Blue, Hairless Toys and Take Her Up to Monto).
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  7. I bought the Australian (?) edition of Statues which had all their videos on up 'til then apart from Day for Night and a remix of Fun For Me. Anoyingly it meant I had to wait nearly 2 weeks for it to arrive after it came out.
  8. Can someone explain to me the end of the group? I read that they divorced before/or during recording of Statues, but if they managed to have whole era and tour the album without being married, why didn't they just continued? They signed deal for 6 albums, and just when they broke the mainstream they decided to end things...
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  9. Have you seen this?

    Roisin hosting the Australian music video program 'rage', airing in March 2004. I'm pretty sure there had been no announcement that Moloko were ending by this point, but she does mention that she has been in the studio recently, working on a new project.

    It's a little choppy - I added all of the footage of her shown in the order it appeared, and, for reasons unknown, there are a few short repeated segments, e.g. she mentions 'Forever More' early on, then it cuts off part-way through, and you don't get the full thing until towards the end. In hindsight, I should have edited out all of the repeated/out of place parts.
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  10. Thanks for posting, it's so rare to find videos on youtube from Moloko days. What do you mean the end of Moloko wasn't known in March 2004? I thought they announced break before Statues was even released.
    That's what I don't get, they separated/divorced, had whole era, toured it for a year and that was it... If they managed to get through that while not being a couple, why end things?
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  11. Oh, I didn't know that about the announcement of the split. It wasn't known... to me, I suppose, ha ha.
  12. To be honest I read that on Wikipedia,. I wasn't aware of their break up. I remember Moloko of course, they were quite popular here, and they performed on Exit Festival in 2003 or 2004, I had no idea they broke up until Roisin came up with Overpowered and it started playing here.

    There's so little about Moloko on the web now, i don;t even know where to read about them and their rise.
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  13. Roisin introduces herself as "Roisin from Moloko" on this rage episode, though I suppose her solo career hadn't officially started yet.
  14. They broke up in private life but they never say the band was officialy broke. They were no official annnouncement of that kind and Roisin kept saying for a long moment that she was refusing to considere the group will never do something together again (I hope I'm clear, my english is fuckin' bad... so sorry buddies).

    About Moloko on the net, the thing that is really missing actually is a complete or almost complete live show from '98 I Am No A Doctor tour (in video). There is an audio of this tour from Montreux but it's not complete.

    Other thing about Moloko we all need : a vinyl reissue of all albums. I have actually the whole discography except that indecent expensive LP of... Statues. It's a shame that they never been reissued.
    and about reissue, I think that a complete remastered of the 4 albums with some rare stuffs or unreleased material could be actually a nice and deserved thing for every fans.

    I am a big fan of Moloko. 11000 Clicks is the best live act I've seen on DVD. They were fuckin' good performers together. The live arrangements were so professional and funny... I actually prefer Moloko stuffs too but I have to admit that I never loved "Oerpowered". I'm a pure "Take Her Up To Monto" fan. I think Roisin solo is interesting when she's definitely not trying to play the basic pop star but, that's only my opinion. With time, I have to admit Overpowered is not that bad. I wasn't expecting her on something like that at this moment ... mostly because I loved (and I still love) Ruby Blue. and her recent stuff with Maurice Fulton is perfect for me. A combination of jazz, funk, club and dance like I love.

    Concerning Cloud9, it's not a groupe, it was a solo acid project of Brydon before he met Roisin. She spoked about it in a interview during Hairless Toys promo. And the album is still available on discogs on CD and LP. I recommend it, it's a good record (and the artwork is just whaouuuu!). Mark Brydon was an amazing producer. I still miss him.

    Now... I have a question... I'm trying to complete my collection over the years.
    Do you remember during the Moloko "Catalogue" era, there was 3 different remixes album downloadable from Napster, Itunes & MSN.

    I'm trying to complete them. I've got the complete Napster.

    But I'm searching :
    Knee Deepen (Quartermaster Again Mix)
    Forever More (Pedal Freak Mix)

    from the Itunes one,


    Familiar Feeling (Doctor Rockit Comes Close Mix)
    Cannot Contain This (Slapper's Delight Mix)

    from the msn one.

    Please, help, it's pretty difficul to find them... have a nice day everybody !
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  15. Wow, thanks. I had no idea. I think I read on Wikipedia that they announced divorce ad split before Statues era, but decided to continue with the era and call it quits after it.

    How would you rank Moloko albums?
  16. How would you rank Moloko albums?[/QUOTE]

    Without hesitations :

    01 - I Am Not A Doctor
    02 - Do You Like My Tight Sweaters ?
    03 - Statues
    04 - Things To Make And Do (I hate the tracklist... it's a great album, full of really good songs but the order of the songs is... illogical I think)
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  17. Without hesitations :

    01 - I Am Not A Doctor
    02 - Do You Like My Tight Sweaters ?
    03 - Statues
    04 - Things To Make And Do (I hate the tracklist... it's a great album, full of really good songs but the order of the songs is... illogical I think)[/QUOTE]

    I guess I am not a doctor is like cult classing among fanbase?
    So far I only listened first one and the last one, I decided to take my time with other too, so I can get used to these 2 records. And i love them both. At this moment Statues is my #1, but it might change in the future, I love loose concept of their first album.

    This morning while I was in the bus I decided to listen their discography on shuffle because it was rainy and chilly morning, it was great experience and music was very fitting, especially songs like The Only Ones and What if...
  18. I only really know Things To Make And Do and Statues. Statues is definitely the better of the two. Things To Make And Do had some amazing songs though (the singles mostly).
  19. Mother and Dumb from TTMAD are amazing too. The ID is great to. The Time Is Now still a classic. arrangements are just perfects.

    Yes, I Am Not A Doctor is a must have is a CDthèque. There is so many great moments on it. The Flipside is amazing, Blink & Pretty Bridges are my favs. Caught In A Whisper is trippy and Should've Been is a prefect Trip-hop minimalist songs. This is the most inovative and experimental album she made with Take Her Up To Monto.
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  20. Statues is a great club album. There is many cool moments. "Forever More" is one of the songs I like the most in all songs and artists I listen.
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