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Moloko love

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by smellycat, May 25, 2014.

  1. I LOVE Molokai and Roisin.

    The album version of Forever More is pure bliss from start to finish. It was sad that the Statues album fizzled out into nothing. Cannot Contain This would have killed as a proper single and would kill to hear Roisin do a version of it similar to Closing Of The Doors. Statues could have easily had Cannot Contain a This and two more singles from it. I’d have gone for Over & Over and I Want You or Blow X Blow and Statues.
  2. For me,

    Statues = Tight Sweater > TTMAD > I am not a Doctor

    Doctor is brilliant, but is easily the least accessible if you ask me and not one I come back to as often.
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  3. Yeah, to end on a high with Statues was really something.
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  4. Yay, finally making this thread come to life! But can anyone answer if the end of the group was known during Statues or they never really announced break?
  5. I don't think there was ever an official announcement that Moloko had 'split up', but Róisín revealed she had split from Mark before Statues came out. And again, while I don't remember any confirmation that the tour was their last, it was sort of known that these were their last shows. Plus when Catalogue came out Róisín mentioned they'd fulfilled their contract.
    It was more of a case of reading between the lines without them saying anything explicit. But I could be wrong and one of them said it somewhere I didn't see. But they didn't really get the recognition or attention they deserved as a band so the music press wouldn't have made a big deal about it anyway. Familiar Feeling and Forever More may have charted well but I doubt many people beyond the fans remember them. People were always very surprised when I went to see Moloko live as they didn't know they were still going and that they were an actual band.
  6. Oh, that's quite said. By the time Catalog came out she already started her solo career, so I don't think anyone expected Moloko reunion back then.

    There's no doubt about Moloko being more underground act, but both Familiar Feeling and Forever More were on heavy rotation here on music channels. Especially Familiar Feeling, more people would've recognized that song here than let's say The Time is Now.

    I see that she's barely talking about Moloko these days, it's a shame. I wonder if she would ever be up for reunion, or what are her thoughts now on the band and Mark.
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  7. I suppose there's not much left to say, especially as she's always been very forward looking. However there was an interview and when asked about more Moloko she said something like, "I wouldn't not do it". But it's probably something she's not actively pursuing either. However at least she still performs Moloko songs in her shows.
  8. Speaking of The Time Is Now, it's quite similar to Familiar Feeling, I guess they tried to re-create the formula. I must say I prefer Familiar Feeling. The Time Is Now is too laid back...

    Original Sing It Back is so weird it's like the whole new song, ofc I was familiar with 'hit' version, I was quite shocked when I found out it was just a remix.

    What I love the most about Statues is how every song is for itself, but it works as an album and it flows amazingly. It's perfect mix of electro, acoustic dancepop, it's also very moody production wise and cinematic. I loved listening it during rainy day last week.
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  9. I think I prefer the trip hop original Sing It Back. It has more depth.
  10. their interludes were always such earworms too. I very often get Dirty Monkey, Tatty Narja and Tight Sweater stuck in my head!
  11. I have line "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body' line all the time in my head lol

    Once I start exploring I am not a doctor I wouldn't be surprised If it grows more on me more too.
  12. Caught In A Whisper should be in everyone's top 10.
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  13. That's that one triphop-ish ballad? I listened Doctor once, I'm gonna start revisiting it next week.

    Take My Hand also deserves to be mentioned, Statues would've been even more amazing with it and Bankrupt on it.
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  14. Take My Hand is such an exquisite track. They truly saved the best for last.
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  15. LOVE LOVE the way she incorporated into the live arrangement of Indigo on 11,000 clicks and festivals
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  16. Caught In A Whisper reminds more of old disco classics ('Carry On, Turn Me On' of Space) than a trip-hop ballad. Should've been is a trip-hop one.
  17. They performed on Exit here in 2003 in front of 50,000-60,000 people, people still rave about it in comments

    I'll watch this soon
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  18. Their live acts were so amazing ! perfect performers ! I never saw them in reel.. shame on me... but every videos and every audios records I got are pretty cool.
  19. I'm just so happy and thankful I got to see her this summer, it turned me into a fan and that led me to Moloko and lots of new amazing music.

    She really has stage presense, energy and vision as a performer, she doesn't need production or anything to captivate audience.
  20. Can someone help me with this, I read in Roisin's thread long time ago about the song Bed & Breakfast that apparently was download only single from their third album, but I can;t find it anywhere? Does it even exist?
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