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Moloko love

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by smellycat, May 25, 2014.

  1. This version is amazing!!!
  2. All this talk of I Am Not A Doctor has made me revisit it. I like the delicate and careful contrast to the crazy bonkers debut. I love them both in very different ways but the second album was when you really heard Róisín's beautiful voice for the first time.
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  3. I never knew DJ Plankton was/is Mark Brydon! How did I not know that?!
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  4. I never thought albums like Sweater would be my cup of it, but there's something so effortlessly cool about it that has me going back to it with so much ease.

    When you look at it, there are only few actual songs with you know, verses and choruses, the rest are long interludes and instrumentals, but it feels like a proper album. That's why it feels so short for me, I know length is pretty much the same as Doctor's, but after 2 listens Doctor is really tough album to get into, it lacks fun side that Sweater has...
  5. Can you please send me this version in HQ?
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  6. Doctor is harder to listen to the more I listen to it lol

    I'll postpone my listen of Things to make... until I get used to Doctor.
  7. Things to Make and Do was my first Moloko album and it's actually a really fun and easy listen. It's not as challenging as some of their earlier ones.
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  8. I only listen The Time Is Now from it at the moment, but i have full album in my phone, and Pure Pleasure Seeker came on, and I loved it. It was very pop, and it didn't feel like 6 minutes long song.
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  9. I think Things To Make And Do is their most perfectly realised album. It mixes their quirkiness with their beauty. Statues is great but it’s too human in comparison.
  10. Just watched the other version of Fun for me video, it's so cool! I didn't expect to like it as much as nurse video. Nurse video better fits song aesthetically, but this is such a cool video, it would've worked maybe for some other track from the Sweater album.

    Out of all videos I've seen so far, i only didn't like Day for night.
  11. Unpopular opinion but Tee's Radio Mix of Sing It Back makes the song more dynamic and it sounds like a hit too. So I don't think Boris Mix was responsible for song becoming a hit... Any other remix would've worked.
  12. So, last night I heard Sing It Back on radio, and this morning I heard Familiar Feeling. It's nice that they are still played regularly.
  13. That version was considered to be a single at some point I think, but Moloko preferred the Boris Mix
  14. Sorry is a particular favourite of mine, the only thing is it could have been a bit longer

    I loved Moloko since I heard them cover Are friends Electric on a Numan tribute album around the time of their 2nd album

    One of the highlights has to be Roisin at Manchester pride in 2008
  15. I still remember their set at Werchter at the time of the Statues release. Roisin was fucking electric.
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  16. Statues.
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  17. I think the general consensus among the fans is that Statues is fucking exceptional, give it a listen. There's a plethora of emotions on it, what way to end their journey as a group.
    My personal favourite is their debut: it is spooky, sexy, fun, electric.
    I Am Not A Doctor was a bit difficult for me to get into, but it's worth trying. Once you 'get it, it's a rewarding listen.
    Things To Make And Do is my least fave record by them: it's very patchy which makes it hard to enjoy as a whole. Some individual tracks are great, but I don't listen to it often.
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  18. I sort of think, with Moloko, watching the videos is essential to get into their music.
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  19. I still haven't listened to their 3rd album, so for me it's between debut and Statues. Debut is amazing because it's so crazy, perfect 90s triphop album with only few actual verse-chorus type of songs, it's perfect listen from the beginning to the end. Status is almost a pop album, much more commercial, but also amazing, Forever More and The Only Ones are my fave.

    Their music is kinda perfect for the winter for me, so I'm waiting for autumn to listen their 3rd album.
  20. Statues must be one of the most stunning pop albums ever? I can't believe how little acclaim it got when it came out. The arrangements are just sublime
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