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Money Heist (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by chriscrk, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. I don't think there's a thread for this, I kept hearing everyone talking and praising it so much, so I decided to give it a go; started watching it tonight and I'm already 4 episodes in.

    It's a spanish series, and well I think the title hints at what it's about. There's only two short seasons thus far, so it's good for binge watching! (And even though it's in spanish, it has english subtitles!)

    Here's a trailer if anyone's curious:

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  2. It's absolutely phenomenal.
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  3. Its only in Spanish? Are there English subtitles? It looks like it would be super awesome
  4. I think there are English dubs but seriously, in Spanish it's amazing.
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  5. Yeah! It has english subtitles, so give it a go!
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  6. Okay I'm half way through season 1 and I've decided this show is iconic. It just keeps getting better.

    You guys need to get on this now!
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  7. Yup, this became MASSIVE in brazilian Netflix. It's so good.
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  8. Will there be more episodes ever?
  9. They just added the second half of them, right?
    I still have to watch any of it.

    The main actress has grown so much since she was in Física o Química!
  10. I don't know. I'm barely getting to Part 2 now.

    I did hear some people saying an actor of the show said there was going to be a 3rd Season, but I don't even know how it ends yet, so I don't want to search anything to avoid spoilers.
  11. I’m on part two and there has just been a fantastic twist!

    I’m really liking this!
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  12. LiK


    Yup a friend of mine recommended it to me two weeks ago. I finished up season one on Monday and it was phenomenal, the way they were able to keep the suspense and tension build up in such a confined setting was amazing.

    The cast is great and each brings so much to the show. My personal fave ending season one was Denver.

    The ending I was expecting for season one didn't happen and I'm so glad, because it made me even more excited to see what direction season 2 will go in. I heard it's only a 2 season show though? Could be wrong.

    Will start season 2 tonight.
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  13. Oh man oh man. I just finished it!

    I didn't expect an ending like that at all to be honest. Although I didn't even know what to expect! But I know that wasn't it!

    I can see how they could make a Season 3... I find this ending WAY too "romantic". A woman who's been abused by her ex and has a daughter and mother that's getting Alzheimer's, and she decides to throw it all away to be with the thief? I don't know. It doesn't sit right with the character!

    They could make Season 3 with her and the Professor living together but the twist is she's in an elaborate plan to arrest him, I don't know. Maybe as he's in another country and it's been some time before she managed to track him down, they need to create a whole operation that involves her going there and pretending to be inlove. And in parallel showing how every other one of the thieves is living out their life a year after everything went down.
  14. I'm in the middle of season 1 and i totally love this series. It is Prison Break done right but i'm also a little bit of scared that the quality would decay.

    Anyway Moscow is so cute. DAD.
  15. Denver is life

    It was a convenient ending that paved the way for either a s3 or for it to just be over.

    Anyone notice how there was a spare costume for Monica Gastonbeday (?) to escape in as well.. it was a fun ending but by no means a clever one
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