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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    Hey y'all in NYC: Monkeypox appointments are glitching/reporting as "not available" online, BUT they're still available if you call 877-VAX-4NYC (877-829-4692). I couldn't book online after the appt they tried to give me in Queens (GOD NO) online disappeared, but then I called and it worked out. I'm booked for Sunday in the Bronx. They're still operating under the "are you MSM and had multiple partners in 14 days" stipulations to disqualify people, but I got through. Just passing along.
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  2. Things are going to get so much worse before they get better.
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  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    JYNNEOS is the version that NYC is distributing (contains MVA).
  4. Didn’t see a thread for it. Here comes the next pandemic already. The gay community, at this point, is being heavily affected. Have you gotten vaccinated yet?

  5. I'm obsessed with your trend of starting threads about global pandemics.
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  6. They never started an Ed Sheeran thread?
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  7. I've been waiting for a monkeypox thread. Obviously it is heavily impacting the queer community in particular, but it did feel weird to be talking about it in the LGBTQIA+ thread while also fighting the stigmatization of it being viewed as a "gay" thing.
  8. this whole situation sucks - it's great to see public health depts. reaching out to the gay community and prioritizing them in administering the scarce supply of vaccines. but at the same time, it's super uncomfortable that the virus is being associated with the LGBTQ+ community; it plays into a bunch of harmful tropes. It really couldn't have happened at a worse time in the US with the rising anti-gay sentiment.
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  9. I can't add much to everyone else but I'm so angry about how this is being reported on. Even reputable news sites are painting this as a "gay plague".
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  10. Got vaccinated last night. I’m grateful my city is prioritizing MSM who are at a high risk, but not thrilled that it’s also feeding a notion that it’s a gay disease.

    And yes, echo sentiments that the media has done a mostly terrible job of clarifying that this is not an STI.
  11. The eligibility of the vaccine in the US thus far is completely wild, and heavily stigmatizing. Wait times have also been insane, and because I don't think I'm at high-risk I'll wait for things to get better.

    Also, I keep seeing reports that the smallpox vaccine can fight infection, so could they potentially prioritize using that vaccine as well?
  12. The problem with that vaccine is it has more side effects, so I think they’re avoiding using it unless they have to.
  13. I ran to get my vaccine in the second wave of releases (before lots of folks in NYC viewed Monkeypox as a 'threat') just under 3 weeks ago--I'm slightly concerned that larger cities have taken the '1 shot for everyone approach' so my second shot likely won't be for at least another month and one-shot efficacy hasn't been extensively studied in humans, but it's also better than nothing, and understand getting folks a baseline level of immunity is important too.
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    (just realized that in consolidating all monkeypox posts from amongst LGBTQIA+ and other threads it makes it look like I created this thread and KIIIIIII)

    this is still all you @beautifulmorning
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  15. As long as it gets the word out, no biggie. I know a lot of people are trying to find out where to get vaccinated and what the process is like, not to mention trying to find out what one can expect if one does get monkey pox.
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  16. I got Jynneos 1/2 last week and at the time, residents of New Jersey were being told to just try their luck “in New York” (the situation has since improved; there are vaccination sites in Jersey City and Newark now). I had to go to freaking White Plains! I know I benefited from this so I am a hypocrite, but it is upsetting how poorly the vaccine rollout has gone and how it seems like the only folks within the queer community consistently able to get vaccinated are the tech-enabled PMC types.
  17. While I understand that you can’t just snap your fingers and instantly produce millions of vaccines, is it wrong to slightly side-eye the announcement that the USA is ordering another 5.5 million doses for … the middle of 2023? Tick tock!!
  18. They do not care about us. Until this affects a larger portion of the straight-white population, nothing drastic will be done.

    My mom is a huge ally so I know she didn’t mean this with an ounce of malice, but she asked me tonight if I should be getting the vaccine, as if Heather doesn’t know she’s the only person I hang out with!
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  19. Don’t they mean now “through” 2023?

    “The U.S. has shipped more than 300,000 doses of the Jynneos vaccine to state and local health authorities since May, according to the Biden administration. HHS also has secured an additional 5 million doses for the U.S. that will ship through the middle of 2023.”
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  20. The only reference I found to the contrary on first skim was in USA Today, that the “supplies are in manufacturer storage, which will be ready in 2023.”
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