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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. Couple of dates for Manchester vaccines popping up.

    Not my post so the MFT haven't been in touch with me directly.

  2. "Sex on Premises" venues or SOP - that's a new term I've learned because of Monkeypox!
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  3. I got mine. No side effects. Only one dose left at the clinic after me though.
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  4. The lump on your arm in 1-2 days

  5. I'm afraid I got it (currently have a huge suspicious rash on my collarbone) and if that's the case I got it at the same time as c*vid, after dodging it for 2.5 years.

    Why am I like this.

    (I'm feeling fine though)
  6. In line to get my shot and of COURSE they're playing Ava Max over the speakers. Iconic.
  7. U.S. Monkeypoxunties, you might want to snatch that vaccine appointment now before you start becoming part of an experiment: They're moving to stretch the current supply by doing one-fifth of the dose as an intradermal injection.

    Long and short of it, if you can't read the story: They're basing the decision off of one study from 2015 as a way of making up for the fact that they're vastly undersupplied with the Jynneos vaccine. Theoretically, the intradermal injection (re: injected through the skin and not in fat) could be a good thing if it works, but it's possible it might not and there's also room for user error--meaning the injector could insert the needle too far, thus leaving you with one-fifth of the actual recommended dose.

    But sure, Biden is having his #BestWeekEver yada yada.
  8. I hope you’re okay? Please keep us updated.

  9. There’s potentially a new panny-D in town.
  10. Here we go again.
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  11. Well I'm glad I randomly decided to pop on the local news today as it's been near impossible to get vaccinated in LA, even with an appointment, unless you have multiple days available to wait 4-5 hours in hopes of nabbing one before supplies runs out at one of only three locations. Thankfully, they announced a new pop-up location in my neighborhood that opened today and I drove by just to see how bad the wait was - and there wasn't a single person in line. Parked, got checked in, and received my shot all in the span of 2 minutes. Naturally, no one I've talked to in my area is even aware of the new location because it's been just as difficult to find any guidance on this vaccination rollout, but at least I'm one step closer to being protected.
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  12. I can’t find a single reputable source talking about this, so I don’t think we should be taking serious pandemic news from … TMZ.
  13. If @beautifulmorning starts a thread about it, we know we're fucked. It was foretold in the prophecy.
  14. There was a letter about it last week in the New England Journal of Medicine. Looks like one can set up a free account to access the letter, which I did and then summarily gave up once I read “MJ-F1(5’-ATTCCTTCGTCTGGCACATC-3’), MJ-F2 (5’-CGGCCTCATCAGTTCCAAAG- 3’) and MJ-R2 (5’-CGGCCTCATCAGTTCCAAAG-3’) in PCR System 9700” in the supplementary material as it broke my brain.
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  15. The LGBT resource center near me held a vaccine clinic yesterday and I showed up an hour beforehand to find the line was already down the street and around the block. I randomly checked the site of a known LGBT friendly pharmacy near my office and a few last minute cancellations opened up an appointment. I made it there and was in and out in 5 mins. The guys in line next to me drove all the way in from San Francisco to avoid a daily hours-long queue.
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  16. It's been picked up by the BBC now.

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  17. It must be said that part of the reality of the world now is we need to avoid falling into traps of medical hysteria. Especially when you have sensationalised tweets like 'monkeypox is in the water supply' getting tens of thousands of likes. Its scare mongering that isn't proactive or sourced from anything reputable and its important to ensure that we are quality conversations on matters of public health.

    If anyone is in West Yorkshire you can get on the waiting list for the Monkeypox vaccine through MESMAC. Have had generally very positive experiences with them in the past.
  18. Question: it's been about a week since getting vaccinated, and while I haven't noticed any side effects, the muscle in my arm where I got my shot began twitching yesterday and has been doing it off & on ever since. It isn't painful at all, more just inconvenient/uncomfortable, and wondering if this is something others have experienced?
  19. Yeah this happened to me. It didn’t worry me too much and the twitching subsided after a bit. I got my jab about 3 weeks ago now and my arm is fine, no ache and the lump post jab has finally gone.
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  20. Tomorrow marks a week since I got my first dose and I still have a large hard lump at the injection site along with a pretty bad bruise. Hopefully it goes away soon.
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