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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. I felt awful the night of and the day after my shot. Most people I've talked to did not have a similar experience, so I think we just might be the unlucky ones. The lucky thing for me though was that my bump was really superficial. It lasted a long time (and it's still going away 2 weeks later) but it was never a bother and it was never really noticeable past the first few days.
  2. has it reduced in size?
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  3. Yeah it’s all good baby!
  4. I got the shot on Tuesday and haven’t had any adverse effects. The swelling is pretty small too but my arm is so damn itchy nn.
  5. Getting my vaccination today! Hurray.
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  6. Well I feel like total shit today. Thought I was sore from boxing class but it’s definitely this!
  7. Can you fly after getting the vaccine? I'm in LA with work and there are lots of free appointments available but I fly back to London tomorrow?

    Trying to get it back home is extremely hard.
  8. I flew the day after I got mine and was all good. Granted it was just London to Dublin, so a lot shorter of a flight. Probably a bit extra tired after I landed and got home, but that was about it.
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  9. Okay I can come to this thread now that I got the first shot and am not paranoid to be reading Monkeypox news.
    I got the shot on Saturday, felt kinda Blah for about an hour and then was totally fine and been fine since so feeling very lucky in that regard. But it looks like I have the biggest red mosquito bite on my arm even now 4 days later so that's fun. I also got an actual mosquito bite on my arm like 2 inches from where I got the shot... So my arm is basically looking crazy at this point.
    But, rather this than have monkeypox.
  10. The system is failing our community so badly. Again. Some of these stories are really scary and heartbreaking.

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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Here's the Sept. 1st NYC update for anyone here trying to get more information - also they are releasing more first doses at 4 PM today so please call or use the website to schedule ASAP.

    NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

    September 1, 2022
    • To get text alerts in English about vaccination appointments and other MPV updates for NYC, text “MONKEYPOX” to 692-692. For alerts in Spanish, text “MONKEYPOXESP” to 692-692. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (Health Department) Twitter account (@nychealthy) also provides information on when vaccination appointments become available.

      For updated guidance and information, visit Update on MPV vaccination

      See the latest NYC Health Department press release for more information on second doses, expansion of vaccine eligibility, new first dose appointments, and walk-in appointments.

      Second doses

      NYC will begin making second doses of the MPV vaccine available by appointment only. People who received their first dose at least 10 weeks earlier will be notified by email or text that they are eligible for their second doses so that they can make appointments online or by phone. Second doses will only be available at least 10 weeks after the first dose and not earlier.

      Expansion of vaccine eligibility

      Starting immediately, NYC will open eligibility to sex workers and anyone engaging in survival sex or any other type of transactional sex (for example, sex in exchange for shelter, food, money, and other goods) of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

    New first dose appointments and walk-in appointments

    On Friday, September 2 at 4pm, 8,000 new first dose appointments will be open. NYC will also begin welcoming walk-ins for first doses at City-run sites, though making an appointment in advance, by going to at or by calling 877-VAX-4NYC (877-829- 4692), is still recommended. The city’s Vaxfinder will indicate which sites offer walk-ins.

    Intradermal vaccine administration

    To make more doses available, the federal government has mandated the vaccine now be given intradermally, meaning between the layers of the skin. This method allows us to get four to five times more doses from the same amount of supply. Evidence has shown this approach will provide similar protection as subcutaneous injections, which are given below the skin. See *UPDATED* JYNNEOS Vaccine for Monkeypox: Frequently Asked Questions for more information, including intradermal administration of the vaccine.

    Visit to learn more about the vaccine, vaccine eligibility, where you can get vaccinated, and when appointments are available.

    Update on MPV in NYC

    As of August 29, 2022, there are 3,019 cases of MPV in NYC. Anyone, no matter their age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other factor, is at risk of getting and spreading MPV. For a detailed breakdown of MPV cases in NYC, visit the NYC Health Department’s Monkeypox Data webpage.
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  12. I signed up for my 2nd dose. The lump from the first one is just about gone and it's been 3.5 weeks.
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  13. May I ask where you are that they’re giving second doses so quickly? In NYC we have to wait ten weeks.
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  14. California.
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  15. Got my first dose a week and a half ago and today was the worst day with the bump. It was really swollen and hurt and there's redness around it probably like 3 or 4 inches up and down my arm from it... Awful. I'm icing it now which has helped but damn. Really dreading that second dose in a few weeks.

    Also found out they're recommending waiting to get the new COVID booster until after 4 weeks of your last monkeypox shot. So that's fun, everyone's getting COVID and I cant get boostered until November then.
  16. I got my second dose on Tuesday, the first dose they put it in the back of my arm and I didn’t have a bump whatsoever, this time they put it in my forearm and the bump is huge. It’s pretty itchy as well. Unfortunately I got a bunch of bug bites walking my dog the same day and they have all swollen up, I don’t know if it’s related or not but I’m so uncomfortable right now.
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  17. Are they suggesting every MSM get the vaccine at some point? I understand there are higher risk populations that need it first, particularly in cities, but I'm still confused about what exactly the plans are for the future.
  18. The same thing happened to me! I got the first shot in my tricep and nothing swelled up at all. The difference is remarkable.
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  20. Yeah this giant uncomfortable bump and half my arm being red is really unpleasant at work where i'm like trying not to rub it against myself. And just thinking that in a few weeks, I have to get the second dose and do it all over again.
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