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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Mar 2, 2022.

  1. Please post opinions like this in literally any other thread so I'm not legally obligated to like them. Thank you!
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  3. ONEUS has one or two stinkers in this rate but the rest are 8+s and shan’t be exiting anytime soon hopefully.
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  4. Sorry girls! I took a little sabbatical while the forum did the same. More results coming soon – promise!
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  5. Starlight's the correct song for leaving first and I really don't care for $$$ oh at all, but Rocket Ride is a bop?
    Yes, it's got that generic guy and those "thiiisismaikeetchen"-vocals, but I bop nonetheless.

    Oh, and literally all of those (G)I-DLE songs are better than whatever we were lumped with in this rate.

  6. [​IMG]

  7. [​IMG]

    #63 ➚ #58 ➘ #60 ➘ #62
    YEAR: 2019

    LYRICS: Hwang Hyun, Shin Agnes (617), Jangjun, TAG
    COMPOSITION: Hwang Hyun
    ARRANGEMENT: Hwang Hyun

    SUBMITTED BY: @Attis (#1)
    also submitted by @Wills (#9)

    SHE'S MY GIRL: (10 x 1) @Attis • (9 x 2) @Remorque, @Wills • (8.75 x 1) @nikkysan • (8.5 x 2) @FunkyButChic, @Slice of Life
    I DON'T KNOW HER: (4 x 1) @soratami • (5 x 1) @Glitterizer • (6 x 2) @boombazookajoe, @Salami • (6.75 x 1) @junglefish
    HOST: 9

    LUCKY UNNIES x 1: @soratami (4)
    *meaning this was their lowest score remaining

    That delay you all just experienced? That wasn't negligence; it was performance art. For a brief moment, I wanted you to know the plight of a Golden Child stan circa 2019: after spending their first year blitzing the scene with mini after mini, Woollim noticed their latest investment failing... and responded by benching them for 13 whole months. Classic!

    So it was in November 2019, after a long (and profoundly stupid) wait, that Golden Child finally returned, with a 'Re-boot' that nobody asked for. Apart from boasting their worst title track ever, the album was home to a handful of b-sides that would go on to become fan favourites. She's My Girl, in particular, hearkened back to their early sound... which no one except @Attis and I seemed to care for the first time around, so this placement isn't much of a surprise!

    Um... so I must confess: I've cooled on this a bit, even just since the voting period began. I was ready to slap an easy 10 on this and call it a day, but... the chorus is kinda grating? fffff obviously I still really love it, but I need to be in the right headspace. It's a lot of bombast (SHINee comparisons are not unwarranted), and I'm not sure they do quite enough beyond their little shout-from-the-rooftops routine. It's cute, the things that love makes us do! But it also doesn't really make for a great chorus.

    That said, the verses fare better, with their electro-funk stomp and insanely cool synth flourishes – highkey the best part of the song. And despite not being given much of a topline to work with, the vocal performances are quite slayful; Daeyeol in particular ended his brother's entire career.

    So yeah! The overall package is impressive; it's just not their most refined moment. But given how some of you treated that last time around, perhaps this is all you deserve!

    oh and fanfare outsold

    Attis: Brother of My Genesis (Übermensch) and son of Sherlock (Clue + Note) [10]

    eatyourself: There's a lot of oversinging here... but I appreciate the energy. [7.25]

    BONUS TRACK: Definitely my favourite Golcha b-side – and possibly my favourite song of theirs, full stop. The energy here is more subdued, but a stronger composition makes it just as powerful in its giddy expression of love. Almost makes a person wanna experience that for themselves, huh!

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  8. Literally what the fuck?

    There's much, much worse left?


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  9. I really should get around to exploring Golcha’s music, yeah?
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  10. Idk girls I consider myself a lite-Gold Chai and I find this song annoying nn so huh bye!
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  12. Rocket Ride going out first is the opposite of what should’ve happened. The version on their own is the only one that matters, haven’t heard that one with the other people but you all made the wrong decision.
  13. [​IMG]

    #37 ➘ #56 ➘ #59 ➘ #61
    YEAR: 2022

    LYRICS: Inner Child, LEW, Hwarang
    COMPOSITION: Yoon Jong Sung, Inner Child, Nmore (PRISMFILTER), Jozu (PRISMFILTER)
    ARRANGEMENT: Yoon Jong Sung, Nmore (PRISMFILTER)

    SUBMITTED BY: @boombazookajoe (#2)

    HOWLING TEMPEST: (10 x 2) @boombazookajoe, @RUNAWAY • (9 x 2) @Slice of Life, @KimLippington • (8.75 x 1) @thommyh • (8.5 x 2) @lalaclairi_, @vague
    FEEBLE BREEZE: (4 x 1) @Glitterizer • (5.5 x 1) @Attis • (6 x 1) @eatyourself • (6.5 x 2) @FunkyButChic, @Salami • (6.75 x 1) @Wills
    HOST: 6.75

    *meaning this was no one's lowest score remaining

    Some recent milestones:

    March 1st, 2022: This very thread opens

    March 2nd, 2022: TEMPEST debuts

    Also March 2nd, 2022: @boombazookajoe submits his nomination ballot, and it's immediately clear that this rate will never be the same

    Things have been moving rather swiftly for TEMPEST, rivalled only by how quickly we're working our way down Sister Josephine's ballot. Sorry boo! Now let me just say that I was immediately onboard with TEMPEST: between an excellent agency pedigree in Yuehua (most recently: EVERGLOW, WOODZ), some high-quality predebut teasers, and me being a slut for upstart boy groups in general, I was fully prepared for a home run right out the gate.

    And that's what I got! Mostly. Title track Bad News (linked below) remains one of my favourite recent debuts, and while I'd initially written off the rest of the mini, revisiting it for this writeup made me appreciate it as a solid first release – nothing to bother my imaginary Best B-sides of 2022 list, but nothing to be ashamed of by any stretch.

    Except... I still don't like Find Me. I suppose I can understand how a funky little moment of whatever might appeal, but personally, it reads as dull, slushy, generic boy group album filler, the likes of which I wade through every single week and then wonder why I'm miserable most of the time. So much for music as self-care!

    Honestly, just being really honest here, no tea no shade but I find the composition here kind of ugly. It lurches about like a drunken @junglefish (who is notoriously not ugly, before someone tries to put words in my mouth) on a Tuesday, with the whole mix sounding muddy in that **'*** title track kinda way that apparently only I find unappealing (though I still suspect ******'s *** does a lot of the heavy lifting in that department, teehee).

    But this also gets to a bigger gripe I have: not with TEMPEST, or even boy groups in general, and certainly not with Monotree writ large... but with Inner Child specifically. Now don't get me wrong: he's been behind a number of masterpieces (as we'll see down the line in this very rate), but even at his best, his work has often felt a bit faceless next to his teammates.

    Or maybe I'm imagining that! Either way, Find Me more like Fine Meh.

    boombazookajoe: My nugu kings KILLED this debut. This song just screams FUN and the production is immaculate. [10]

    Attis: Too basic [5.5]

    BONUS TRACK: This is also an Inner Child song, and tbh I was really excited when I initially thought @boombazookajoe had submitted this instead ffff. But now that we're through this writeup, let's set our differences aside, walk a flowery road or some shit, and look forward to their comeback. TEMPEST fighting!!

  14. Literally WHAT would you have done without my specific brand of chaos in this rate?! Ddd.

    Anyway, Bad News is obviously the better song but when I was scrolling through all of their production credits and saw this literally right there (and it was so fresh!) I knew I had to submit it. Issa bop! Let’s hope for a solid first comeback so we can properly stan!

    I can’t be too upset about this though, it’s nugu boys, and when I saw the tag I thought it was for Lunatic so I’ll take my wins where I can get them!
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  15. Nuguphobia at its finest.
  16. How dare you
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  17. This is character assassination!!! I never start drinking before Wednesday. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers (@codecat wearing a fake mustache and @ysev cosplaying as Ace Attorney.)
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  18. Aww, Find Me is... fine? Yes, they're a nugu group, but they deserved to stay for at least a few eliminations.

    There's... worse left?

  19. ddd wait I have to confess because I was rushing to meet the deadline that when I saw TEMPEST on the list I just assumed it was Bad News and automatically gave it a high score because I had voted for it recently in the charts. My bad (news). This song is a cute girl.
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