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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Wills, Mar 2, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]

    Last we spoke, I’d finessed an entire BOYFRIEND singles rate, and got a couple dozen of you to comply by hiding them among 80ish other songs.

    Sorry about that!

    The original plan was to tackle their b-sides next, but when @junglefish sat me down and explained he’d be withholding his creative services, I knew it was time to pivot.

    Even though the Sweetune Singles Rate wrapped less than a year ago, it kinda feels like a whole different lifetime. Wouldn’t you agree? I know a lot’s changed for me since then – like how I get acid reflux now! Time marches on, and eventually, we all leave our past selves in the dust.

    You probably see where I’m going with this; if not, let’s try a different approach. Take a peek at our Sweetune top 10 – notice anything odd? With only one exception, everything was from 2013 or earlier. The top 20 bore similar results, with 2009-2013 being thoroughly represented, offset by a single 2020 release.

    It seems odd that a discography spanning an entire decade (and more! hell, we even made a last-minute addition to the songlist) would be so front-loaded. Almost makes it seem like something happened around 2014… like something chang— oh for God’s sake, you get it.

    Yes, in my personal favourite Kpop chicken-or-egg scenario, Sweetune’s gilded age started winding down just as a handful of members splintered off to form MonoTree. Did they see the writing on the wall and decide to cut their losses? Or did they callously take the magic with them?

    Either way, MonoTree’s been hard at work since 2014, and they’ve made themselves a household name in that time – especially here on KPJ. Most famously, they were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the LOONAVERSE through what many of us consider their golden age. More recently, they’ve steered my personal faves ONF to great success, primarily under the care of founding member Hwang Hyun.

    But anyone who keeps an eye on album credits will know that’s only a sliver of the whole story – MonoTree’s many members have been all over the damn industry, nabbing credits on title tracks, OSTs, and fan-favourite b-sides.

    Over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to celebrate their brightest moments (so far! something we couldn’t confidently say last time...)

    And this time, there’s no MV requirement – it’s all fair game.

    Welcome to MonoTree: The Popjustice Rate!
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  2. [​IMG]

    (I spent way too long trying to archive this section under a spoiler so the first page wouldn't be longer than ELRIS' entire lifespan, but the damn formatter refused to cooperate. You'll just have to scroll – sorry!)

    Listen, I have some apologies to make after everything you suffered through last time. And I’m serious about making amends – which is why I’m pleased to announce that MonoTree: The Popjustice Rate will be 100% submissions-based.

    That’s right! This time around, there will be no heavy-handed curation. Instead you, the voters, have the power to decide the 64 songs that make it to the final songlist. Isn’t that fun? Isn’t that engaging?

    Here’s how it’ll work:
    • Anyone is welcome to DM me a list of up to 10 eligible songs they would like to see included. See below for notes on eligibility!
    • This list should be numbered in order of preference – #1 being the song that absolutely must be included, and #10 being… pretty unlikely to get picked, honestly.
    • You can change your nomination ballot as many times as you'd like, right up until the deadline.
    • Once the deadline has passed, the order of everyone’s ballots will be randomized (meaning there’s no real advantage to submitting early – other than reassuring @Wills his rate isn’t flopping!)
    • Starting with the first selected ballot, the #1 choice will be added to the songlist, before moving onto the next ballot.
    • In the event that someone’s #1 has already been chosen, their #2 (or the next highest) will be added instead.
    • This will continue until all 64 songlist spots have been filled.

    Submission deadline: Friday, March 11th at 11:59PM in your timezone

    Make sense? Sure hope so!

    Think carefully about your ordering – I’m only likely to hit everyone’s ballot 2-3 times, so don’t risk placing your must-haves too low. But what if your top picks are all super popular? Do you risk ranking them lower, assuming they'll be covered by someone else? That could benefit your more obscure choices...

    Ooh! Can you feel the tension? Queers love games, yes we do!

    Lastly, a note on song eligibility – and this is where I might break a few hearts:

    • MonoTree have helpfully provided an exhaustive list of their output on their official website, singlehandedly making my job SO much easier than last time around. Everyone say thank you to MonoTree!
    • Pretty much anything found on that page is eligible for submission… with one big exception:
    • If MonoTree’s ONLY contribution was lyrics, the song is ineligible. I know that this takes a handful of forum faves off the table, and I do apologize! That said, we’re here to celebrate their composition and production chops, plus most of us don’t speak a word of Korean. So… yeah… yeah. Take it up with management!

    And there you have it! Any submissions that don’t make it to the final songlist will just have to wait until MonoTree: The Popjustice Rate: The MonoTreequel.


    This is all going to be pretty boilerplate – you know how this works by now. If not, feel free to reach out and I'll clarify!
    • Rate all 64 songs on a scale of 0 to 10.
    • Quarter points (.25 – .50 – .75) are allowed, please don't feel the need to get any more granular than that!
    • As always, your one (1) single most favourite song of all can receive a score of 11.
    • For the love of God, don't be a jerk. We're here because we like MonoTree and many of the groups they've worked with, so please don't ruin it for everyone by 占 (TANK)ing a group out of spite. Although speaking of tanks, I will be calling in the big guns as a second set of eyes if your ballot lurches too close to the troll line. So just... spare us all the trouble and give everything a fair shot, yeah?
    • Commentary: YES! As much as you're willing to give, I'm willing to receive – I'm needy & greedy like that. Not everyone's gonna have something to say about every song, of course, so prioritize your top scores & songs that made your ballot. I wanna hear what makes your faves... your faves! Oh, and of course:
    • Commentary is required for any scores of 4 or less. If you're gonna sink a forum fave, at least let us dunk on your rationale a bit.
    • DM your ballot directly to me, @Wills – I'll be providing a highly recommended spreadsheet template for you to fill out (stolen directly from @Glitterizer, thanks bb!) but if you're an old maiden type of forum dweller, I'll accept scores directly in the DM.

    Voting deadline: Sunday, June 5th at 11:59pm in your timezone
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  3. [​IMG]

    APRIL – Hey Yo Hey
    BoA – Clockwork
    CLC – Breakdown
    DRIPPIN – Young Blood
    ELRIS – We, First
    ELRIS – Pow Pow
    ELRIS – Roopretelcham
    ELRIS – No Big Deal
    f(x) – When I'm Alone
    (G)I-DLE – $$$
    GFRIEND – Apple
    GFRIEND – Tarot Cards
    Golden Child – She's My Girl
    gugudan – Be Myself
    HA SUNG WOON – Starlight
    KARA – Starlight
    LADIES' CODE – My Flower
    LADIES' CODE – Galaxy
    LADIES' CODE – Lorelei
    LADIES' CODE – The Rain
    HaSeul & YeoJin (LOONA) – My Melody
    LOONA 1/3 – Love & Live
    Kim Lip & JinSoul (LOONA) – Love Letter
    LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE – Sweet Crazy Love
    Yves & Chuu (LOONA) – Girl's Talk
    LOONA/yyxy – frozen
    LOONA – Hi High
    LOONA – Butterfly
    Moon Byul – Lunatic
    NATTY – Teddy Bear
    NU'EST – Inside Out
    OH MY GIRL – Twilight
    OH MY GIRL & Keanu Silva – Rocket Ride (feat. Mougleta)
    ONEUS – Valkyrie
    ONEUS – Twilight
    ONEUS – BingBing
    ONEUS – Lit
    ONF – Complete
    ONF – Incomplete
    ONF – We Must Love
    ONF – Moscow Moscow
    ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming
    ONF – Geppetto
    ONF – Beautiful Beautiful
    ONF – The Realist
    ONF – My Genesis (Übermensch)
    ONF – Goosebumps
    Rainbow – Privacy
    Red Velvet – Hear the Sea
    Red Velvet – Aitai-tai
    Red Velvet – Blue Lemonade
    Red Velvet – Ladies Night
    Stellar – Vibrato
    Stellar – Sting
    Stellar – Insomnia
    TEMPEST – Find Me
    TWICE – 21:29

    YUKIKA – Yesterday
    YUKIKA – Cherries Jubiles
    2PM – Shall We?

    Apple Music

    Spreadsheet Template
    (highly recommended if you don't want me to mess up inputting your scores!)

    List for DM:

    APRIL – Hey Yo Hey:
    BoA – Clockwork:
    CLC – Breakdown:
    DRIPPIN – Young Blood:
    ELRIS – We, First:
    ELRIS – Pow Pow:
    ELRIS – Roopretelcham:
    ELRIS – No Big Deal:
    f(x) – When I'm Alone:
    (G)I-DLE – $$$:
    GFRIEND – Apple:
    GFRIEND – Tarot Cards:
    Golden Child – She's My Girl:
    gugudan – Be Myself:
    HA SUNG WOON – Starlight:
    KARA – Starlight:
    LADIES' CODE – My Flower:
    LADIES' CODE – Galaxy:
    LADIES' CODE – Lorelei:
    LADIES' CODE – The Rain:
    HaSeul & YeoJin (LOONA) – My Melody:
    LOONA 1/3 – Love & Live:
    Kim Lip & JinSoul (LOONA) – Love Letter:
    LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE – Sweet Crazy Love:
    Yves & Chuu (LOONA) – Girl's Talk:
    LOONA/yyxy – frozen:
    LOONA – Hi High:
    LOONA – Butterfly:
    Moon Byul – Lunatic:
    NATTY – Teddy Bear:
    NU'EST – Inside Out:
    OH MY GIRL – Twilight:
    OH MY GIRL & Keanu Silva – Rocket Ride (feat. Mougleta):
    ONEUS – Valkyrie:
    ONEUS – Twilight:
    ONEUS – BingBing:
    ONEUS – Lit:
    ONF – Complete:
    ONF – Incomplete:
    ONF – We Must Love:
    ONF – Moscow Moscow:
    ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming:
    ONF – Geppetto:
    ONF – Beautiful Beautiful:
    ONF – The Realist:
    ONF – My Genesis (Übermensch):
    ONF – Goosebumps:
    Rainbow – Privacy:
    Red Velvet – Hear the Sea:
    Red Velvet – Aitai-tai:
    Red Velvet – Blue Lemonade:
    Red Velvet – Ladies Night:
    Stellar – Vibrato:
    Stellar – Sting:
    Stellar – Insomnia:
    TEMPEST – Find Me:
    TWICE – 21:29:
    YUKIKA – Yesterday:
    YUKIKA – Cherries Jubiles:
    2PM – Shall We?:
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  4. [​IMG]

    Crisp X

    Ana Raquel

    Slice of Life


    and yours truly,

    Alright, you can post – start throwing around FYCs! And everyone thank @junglefish for his help making this look beautiful, I'd truly be nothing without him ♡
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  5. Oh, there’s actually quite a good amount of my favorites to fill a submission ballot!
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  6. Aaaaah this is so exciting! Your mind @Willhelmina… I fear you’ve got another hit rate on your hands.

    Now, lemme steal those LOONA songs from @Vix- I mean carefully curate my picks.
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  8. Here's how we can get all 10 of Monotree's Stellar songs in the rate:

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  9. @codecat please message me IMMEDIATELY we can get all the Elris songs in if we're smart
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The level of stress!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU BINCH!!!!!!!!!

    If Ladies’ Code isn’t represented here, I will delete this thread and the Sweetune one too!!!!! Don’t play with me!!!!!!!
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  11. A songlist has been compiled and sent

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  12. Me having no strategy and selecting 10 songs at random to submit:

    Nah, I kid I kid. I’m going to use this opportunity to at least go through their tracks by the group of artists I like, relisten to the faves I already know are getting my support, and make a cute list for you. Excited to participate!
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  13. Can I just send 10 ONEUS songs?
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  14. Finally a rate where we can appreciate Kang Hyewon's melisma.
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  15. Regarding this part, there are some songs where Monotree's credit is "lyrics and composition", do they count? Or should we only focus on songs where they are listed under arrangement/production?
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  16. Here for this! Love the song selection process too. The MonoTree discography page is great, but it's a bit unpractical to have to click on a ton of different artworks just to see the songs in each one, so I think this playlist might come in handy to help people make their picks:

    According to the description it's based on the list on their website, and it seems very exhaustive (over 400 songs on it), the only issue is I imagine it also includes songs where the only MonoTree involvement is the lyrics, so need to keep an eye out for that.
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  17. Me finding a bunch of excellent songs to submit

    Me realizing most of them are ballads

    Me finding a certified BOP to balance it out

    Me finding out they only contributed lyrics

    Back to the drawing board.
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  18. Six ballots already?


    Some incredibly obvious choices flopping right out the gate?


    Forget @thommyh and his chaotic pop rate, this is gonna be the messiest songlist of all time.
    Yes! The world is your oyster Salami.
    Aaa great question – that would be fine! Composition and arrangement/production are all fair game, it's just the lyrics-only tracks that we're vetoing.
    Oh this is super helpful, thank you!! I agree their site isn't the slickest method dskjksj, but it's nice to have a central source of truth.

    Which, on that note – I will do a quick check of ballots to make sure only eligible songs are included (and I'll let you know via DM), but that'll likely come right at the end of the submission period. Why? Because...

    Addendum to Rules: You can change your nomination ballot as many times as you'd like, right up until the deadline! This may turn into a logistical nightmare, but I wanna see second-guessing and rejiggery, only to then laugh in your faces when a last-minute edit means 'frozen' misses the cut.

    So let's keep those FYCs coming! Even if you can't fit something on your ballot, someone else might be able to squeeze it onto theirs. If you're lucky, I might even provide some tea on songs that may or may not be in the running...
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  19. We already have a nomination for a group that debuted... today kdsjdsk

    Get up!
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