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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Evan Peters Netflix Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Sep 16, 2022.

  1. I'm not really buying this as "the story of the victims" that it's being pushed as. It's standard Dahmer fare that we've seen regurgitated for decades. Absolutely no new angle at all.

    However Murphy does excel in the true crime area when he's not left to his own devices to come up with a new story so to speak. Much like Gianni, everything looks immaculate (like Evan Peters' ass. Bloop!)
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  2. That first episode really had me looking through my hands. I was like damn, we are really starting the show with a nail biter. Can’t wait to watch more.
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  3. I don’t know if this is a spoiler or not so I’ll hide it
    did we know his dad kind of groomed and condoned the whole skinning and deconstructing of road kill? Or that his high school teacher didn’t think anything strange or off putting of him wanting a second fetal pig to dissect at home let alone actually letting him take it home???? I mean, I had to do that in high school and the smell alone in class was enough to make me gag. I couldn’t possibly imagine just toting it around in my backpack.

    Were those immediately close to him really that entranced by him that any stupid excuse would do? Oh my fridge broke and that’s why it smells like rotting flesh in my apartment and really on this whole floor? If I was his grandma I would have kicked his ass to the curb the second or third time he brought a stranger home and created a ruckus!

    Episode 7 with Niecy Nash gave me all sorts of goosebumps when she was yelling at the police. She has been brilliant.

    I was pretty distressed when he killed the deaf love interest. It was totally a cat and mouse affair.

    I also had no idea that he predominantly focused on POC as his targets either.

    I have two episodes left. Word of advice - don’t eat while watching this show. *barf*
  4. Because Tom Rob Smith wrote it!
  5. Yes to all of those. I read The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer a few years back, and all of that stuff is true. There are some liberties taken in the show. For example, in real life, by complete coincidence, the day that Dahmer planned to knock the runner out, for some reason the runner didn't appear.
  6. Okay so I have to take this back. It took time to warm up and I've probably watched every made for TV Dahmer movie there is so it did feel tired at first, but half way in the rest of the cast were really shining. Nancy Niesh carried.

    Overall this was probably on par with the likes of Gianni or Impeachment. Sort of slow burn but overall well made and watchable.
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  7. This was a great show. Yes extremely harrowing to binge through but completely entrancing. Evan Peters and Niecy Nash really did that. I can’t imagine how harrowing it must have been to get into character for those roles.
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  8. Love the music in this too. Just finished episode 9 which featured this classic.

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  9. My partner and I are two episodes into this. It’s just so goddamn harrowing. Evan Peter, as usual, is excellent. He’s such a great actor. Neicy Nash is also doing a superb job. I know it’ll be a hard watch as the episodes continue but so far it’s good.
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  10. I thought the series was really good and liked the way they told the story. All the acting was amazing as well.

    It’s sad they still have not built anything on the apartments land. Hopefully from this show - they can get something done.

    It’s good to know Ryan Murphy can still make a decent series. He must be over AHS and that’s why each season gets worse..

    I wonder if they will also make a series like this for Gacy?
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  11. I’ve got 1 more episode to watch and while I’m glad I stuck with it, Evan and Niecy have been phenomenal, I just can’t process how flawed the system was that enabled this to happen. Some of the things the the victims and their families went through afterwards are even more shocking. I can’t even bring myself to look up if it is truth of fiction that

    not only were those incompetent cops crank calling the Laotian family, but also won officers of the year. They should have never been allowed to work in law enforcement again, or ended up in prison themselves.

    I don’t know how these families and Glenda and other residents of the building managed to get on with their lives. I really don’t.

  12. I can’t unsee it now.
  13. I thought that was Frances McDormand
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  14. I thought this was really well done and I fucking hate Ryan Murphy. Thankfully there were other directors at the helm, including icon Jennifer Lynch! The performance of the actor playing his father is underrated and I think the critics were off in how they rated this one. May be Murphy fatigue?
  15. I will speak this into existence!
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  16. The mother's performance was ICONIC - give her something. Actually all the parents + Neicy were amazing.

    I thought the show dragged but well done. It really didn't need 10 episodes.
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  17. I loved this. Was so enthralled and captivated throughout. Evan and Niecy gave us performances.
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  18. I’m on episode 6 of the show now, the whole thing is just so fucking frustrating and sad. But I will say, Emmy Peters deserves all the awards for his performance. My man is ACTING!
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  19. I was expecting to see more discussion on this show here. Loved it - ditto to the stellar perfirmances comments. But it was one of the most sad and disturbing things I’ve ever watched.
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  20. Okay I spent today watching the rest of the series and yeah, it’s easily one of the most disturbing true crime shows I’ve watched. The endless blind spots and miscarriages of justice are so frustrating. Fuck his dad, fuck those police officers, fuck everyone and every system that failed those victims and ignored Glenda’s pleas for help.

    I need to watch something light and fluffy to take my mind of it because I know I won’t stop thinking about it otherwise.

    Excellent performances all round, everyone did an incredible job. I think, for me, this is up there as one of Ryan Murphy’s best.
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