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Moon Kissed (intersection of synth pop & indie rock)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by pop3blow2, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. Been pretty obsessed with Khaya Cohen since her 10th place finish on the USA X Factor in 2013. She can just flat-out sing. Followed her career ever since & it seems as if she has finally landed in the right place the last couple years with her band Moon Kissed (Khaya - Lead Vocals, Emily Sgouros - Synths, & Leah Scarpati - Drums)

    "With waves of Khaya’s head-turning hooks washing over a slew of deep synths and innovative beats... the cathartic and exhilarating intersection of synth pop and indie rock." nyu-tisch

    That's a pretty good shorthand of how to describe their sound.

    Their first album came out in 2019 ( the auto-biographically titled I Met My Band At A New Years Party)

    My fave song on their debut:

    A remix EP of that album came out last year, too.

    Their new album is even better that their debut: I'd Like To Tell You Something Important

    I think this is my fave song on the new album:

    More here: &
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  2. I had no idea Khaya was on X Factor! This band is great. My friend put me onto them last year, but I haven't given the full album a listen yet.
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  3. Yeah, she was only like 15 when she was on there & literally blew me away. One of my fave singing show contestants ever.... which is why I just stuck with her.

    She certainly fits in better creatively with Moon Kissed than any kind of pop career further X Factor success might've led too... so I'm not as jaded now about how she done wrong there, ha!

    Both Moon Kissed albums are great, highly recommend.
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  4. I was poking around their website this morning (to see if they added any more tour dates) and saw that they added this to their site:

    Basically, Khaya has started an Assault Index of alleged allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, & more that have taken place in the music industry.

    From Khaya:

    Khaya here. As a songwriter and producer outside of Moon Kissed, whenever I’m in sessions where no men are present the conversation inevitably flows to this topic. I’ve heard stories of gross comments and inappropriate touching from many writers, and unfortunately people who don’t identify as men don’t often feel they don’t have the privilege to skip the session or speak up about it because they’re working so hard to be successful as a writer or an artist. But the stories are too fucking common, so here’s a database of allegations. They are just that, allegations, and the purpose of this collection is to make other women and non binary people feel they are heard and supported, as well as provide warnings to people who may meet these alleged assaulters along the way.

    The other piece of this puzzle is that it all seems to stem from the top, and from money. Too many record labels still have predators on their rosters because that’s what sells. Music by predators is constantly creating revenue streams, and a lot of it. And I believe that every time one of these songs plays on the radio, it’s sending the message to a younger generation of boys/abusers that this behavior is ok. And it’s fucking not. And if you’re a man/abuser reading this and you’re thinking that nothing’s gonna change because top selling artists drive the industry, or that some of these allegations are small or insignificant, that is violent fucking thinking that perpetuates an industry not only stacked up against non-men, but one that emotionally and physically harms us.

    Gawd, she's the best.

    There's even a place for people to add to the list or share their story.

    Anyways, this something I have thought about a long time & even considered building a website I was excited to see the initiative & see how articulate she was in her explaining. Just another reason to love & support this band!
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