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MORE Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Equally as good as "Stars Are Blind".
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  2. Guess who got tickets yesterday to see Darren Hayes even though the concert isn't happening for another 8 months?
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  3. A friend of mine wrote this song a few years ago and I really like it. Push play please. I have no idea who this feels for people without any connection. I just love it.

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  4. Allow me a moment of het justice, plz.

  5. I like The Beatles more than the next guy and think the aversion some people on this forum have to them is lame considering they still probably have way more good songs than the majority of PJ's faves, but I read all the AllMusic reviews on their albums the other day and they seriously gave every single one of them a 5 star rating except for Let It Be, which they gave a 4.5. It's like all sense and objectivity goes out the window it comes to The Beatles. No fucking way all those albums are 5 star albums. No. fucking. way. Personally I'd say Rubber Soul, Revolver, The White Album and Abbey Road are their 5 star albums and the rest are most certainly not, but any way you slice it, The Beatles dickriding is just so senseless and over the top.

    The idea that those early albums with all the covers of varying quality on them are perfect is just madness. They're all good albums, but giving them 5/5 stars just cheapens what they accomplished later. When all the albums are 5/5s, none of them are 5/5s. If the lowest a prolific band can get on the scale is a 4.5, the scale is literally meaningless.

    /rant over.
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  6. Here's random. I put together a Spotify playlist of Lady Gaga's entire discography this past weekend for car rides, so my Mom could score all of her songs. She knows all of her hits and any of my random favorites over the years but loves anything she has heard by her. I did it so I could make her a designed "Greatest Hits" CD for X-Mas this year.

    As you all know, she has some taste from the many rates she has voted in over the years here. These are her favorites:

    Poker Face
    Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

    Bad Romance

    Marry the Night
    Born This Way
    Bloody Mary
    Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
    Electric Chapel
    You and I
    The Edge of Glory


    Til It Happens to You

    Diamond Heart
    John Wayne
    Perfect Illusion
    Million Reasons
    Sinner's Prayer
    Come to Mama
    Angel Down
    Just Another Day

    Always Remember Us This Way

    Stupid Love
    Rain on Me
    Fun Tonight
    Sine From Above
    1000 Doves

    Hold My Hand

    I plan to do Taylor Swift next because she adores her but only really knows the hits.
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  7. Wasn’t sure where to post this but not the hotel I’m staying at in Spain having this as it’s ‘theme song’

    I bop. Multiple times a day in fact
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  8. Just had a listen to the Metro Boomin remix of "Hold Me Now" and... dear God, it's so bad. What purpose does this remix even serve, other than it being featured in a GAP ad? I like some of Metro's productions and the original version is a masterpiece but this just does not work.

  9. The new Jax Jones song slaps so fucking hard oh my god. That long-lost synth from "Missing"!!!!!
  10. Invented pop music:

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  11. Not exactly pop but it's still so wild that a parody/piss-take of the Beastie Boys charted higher than any of their actual songs in the UK or Australia.

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  12. slept on classic, severely underrated vocal masterpiece, truly sublime.
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  13. Every single thread about Michael Jackson on this board has been locked (for understandable reaons) so this is probably the only place I can really post this in, but if anyone still cares:

    Sony Music have finally given in and removed all three of the "Cascio tracks" that appeared on his 2010 posthumous record "Michael". Great news!

    ...Until you find out that they've basically done it just to shut up the fans, and not because of the fact they're sung by an impostor.

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