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MorMor - Heaven's Only Wishful

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by EarCondom, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Don't know much about this. But it's fucking brilliant. Take a listen.
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  4. These are going to be perfect on really humid, miserable summer days.
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  5. I just love that it sounds like a mix of 90s Springsteen, Mazzy Star and Frank Ocean, but yet entirely something new.
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  6. He’s the best next thing.
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  8. New song incoming

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  9. Heaven's Only Wishful is one of my favorite singles of the year. Not even sure how I came across it, but I tacked it on my spring playlist and ran. I didn't know there was a second song 'out there', listening now and loving it – it shows off a whole other side of his voice. Perch't for the third track!
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  10. EP incoming! 5 tracks, due next NMF.

    Do I spy Scandinavian heritage.
  11. Probably the most Popjustice-friendly song thus far.

    He is just so fucking exciting.
  12. Lost and Find Colour are great as well.
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  13. EP is quite fantastic.
  14. He’s in the studio with Ariel Rechtshaid.
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