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Morrissey - Low In High School

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kirkland, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. The Pope Of Mope is back with a brand new album titled Low In High School.


    Here's the track list, according to Spin.

    1. My Love, I’d Do Anything for You
    2. I Wish You Lonely
    3. Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage
    4. Home Is a Question Mark
    5. Spent the Day in Bed
    6. I Bury the Living
    7. In Your Lap
    8. The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel
    9. All the Young People Must Fall in Love
    10. When You Open Up Your Legs
    11. Who Will Protect Us From the Police?
    12. Israel
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  2. I don't think World Peace was really that much better than Years Of Refusal, and I certainly found it a weaker album than Ringleader Of The Tormentors. To be honest, I fully expect it to be similar to all of his albums in the last 15 years. 3-4 songs to "keep" and that's it.

    Also, getting older does not make it easier to block out certain aspects of his personality.
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  3. Very well said. I'm sure this album will be yet another so-called return to form for all those critics that are desperate to get an interview with him. It was laughably transparent that the NME gave World Peace 9/10 and then he was on the cover the following week. Personally I don't think he's made a truly great album since Vauxhall & I. There have been moments of greatness (Irish Blood, First Of The Gang To Die, Life Is A Pigsty and Something Is Squeezing My Skull) but mostly his albums are filled with autopilot lyrics, bland playing and dated production.

    Apologies for all the negativity. He was one of my heroes back in the day and I was there rooting for him back in 2004 when he came back. Since then, it's just been 13 years of disappointment (from him musically as well as person).
  4. I still have faith in the Moz
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  5. I really didn't like Ringleader or Refusal.
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  6. Whoever thought that that young buck with the hearing aid and the gladioli would grow up to be like your mouthy, racist uncle? I stopped buying his albums after Years Of Refusal because ENOUGH already.
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  7. Ray


    You Are The Quarry is what got me into Morrissey and The Smiths and I have it in too many formats. And then it was all downhill. What he needs is a new band, but knowing what he's like it's 100% unlikely to happen. He picks his musicians based on loyalty and personality instead of skills. And he has way too much ego to understand some of his songs are shit, especially musically.

    I expect to do the same as with World... – listen to it once, then never again. But then Quarry proved me wrong, so I hope it happens again. I think it's good for him not to have a record deal for a while, because then it reinforces his creativity – "I've got to prove myself yet again" rather than "whatever I do is genius because I am a genius".

    His autobiography, by the way, is one of the most painful things I've ever read.
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  8. I've never read his autobiography but I know few people who have had. A couple said it was like a real life version of Alan Partridge's book, "needless to say I had the last laugh" etc. Interested to know why you found it so painful?
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  9. I'm in the midst of creating a mega Smiths compilation that I should have made years ago, and frankly (Mr Shankly) that's far more interesting to me now than a new solo Moz album. Because, with about two exceptions in 30 years, they've all been a bit crap.
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  10. Your Arsenal and Vauxhall & I are his two best solo albums by some distance for me. Sometimes I think Vauxhall & I might be his best album including The Smiths. Songs such as Now My Heart Is Full, Hold On To Your Friends, Speedway and Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself are what I want from him. Clever lyrics with stunning melodies that all sound so effortless.
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  11. I love The Smiths but at the same time hate Morrissey and I lowkey feel guilty for liking The Smiths because of him. His solo career is ludicrous and I'm like, karma is a bitch.
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  12. The Smiths will always be the best band ever. Don't feel guilty for liking them because Morrissey is crazy.
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  13. I absolutely think it is his best work. A fantastic album.

    I've found a lot to enjoy across his solo work but the loss of his wit combined with an increasing gaucheness to his lyrics has been a fatal blow to him creatively, even putting aside his vile opinions.
  14. Whenever I think of the problematic things what he has said over the years, I try to balance it out and think of the good he's done across the decades for animal rights. He is one of the outspoken voices on behalf of their suffering. In terms of his creativity, I think most popstars tend to get dull when they become the subject of their songs.
  15. I've never been able to articulate it before but wow, this is exactly how I feel.
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  16. Oh my God. This is the cover art for the new album.


    And HMV seemingly intend to ban it on the grounds of offensiveness to the public, according to James Maker's Facebook. They should ban Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith before they ban anyone else.
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  17. Fox Base Alpha teas.
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  18. YES! I thought that too.
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  19. Oh Morrissey you rascal!
    Seriously though, an HMV ban? OH NO cried the millions and took to Amazon.
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  20. Irony of ironies if HMV - the label he was once signed to - were to now ban his album.
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