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Most Awkward/Terrible Interviews

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kal, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. kal


    Inspired by the Worst Performances by a Major Artist thread.

    It doesn't have to be a music artist. I'll be adding some when I can think of any but I'm interested to see y'all's faves.

  2. I didn't think this was so bad, but Ruby Wax dissecting this recently was fantastic.

  3. R92


  4. Forever amused that my friend hates her, but one day thought he should give her at least one chance to win him over and he watched... this.
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  6. THAT AVRIL LAVIGNE ONE AHHHHH. His fixation on Venice smelling like eggs and not letting it go is insane.
  7. I came into this thread with the sole expectation to at least see that Avril Lavigne one but I was not prepared for it to be the very first reply.

    I scream every single time at him talking about Venice smelling like eggs and her looking like she would rather be on the front line than be sitting there.
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  8. Literally came in here to post this! Natalia Kills at her absolute worst. Wanky, pretentious, trying too hard.

    "If I want to sing my song Love Is A Suicide, and say the word suicide on TV and radio, then I will, because t's my belief."

    Sorry, sis, what?

    The interviewer is pretty cute, though.
  9. Oh my God, I am cackling! Why have I never seen this?
  10. "NO! We're leaving, I'm sorry!"


  11. I love this interview. I still quote it with my cousins daily. Dannii was clearly tipsy and Kylie was just trying to be professional.

    "DON'T BE SERIOUS NOW!" *is ignored*
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  12. Awkward for Dave but iconic for literally everyone else.

    Billy was promoting his band here, and was enraged that the host even mentioned his acting career. It's painful. The band was booed in Toronto the next night when they opened for Willie Nelson.
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  13. Me seeing Jian Gomeshi's face a few seconds into the clip:


    Long live Billy.

  14. The fall, the guy not helping her...
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  15. The weirdest thing is there is not even a moment that justifies Avril being like this, like a weird question or comment by the interviewer, she’s just not here for it before a syllable is uttered.

    Iconic interview.
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