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Most Awkward/Worst TOTP Performances

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Inspired by the Best TOTP Performances thread

    I'll start with this. A UK Garage classic but this TOTP performance adding a random singer doing shaky nervous vocal runs and adlibs over the track and doesn't have a clue what else she's meant to be doing on stage, lordt

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  2. This excellence from Ms Braxton. I taped this episode and kept it for years to re-watch. It really gets magical once her coat comes off and the dance break kicks in.

    She looks impeccable and the song is still everything.
  3. As much as I adore Cappella this has to be posted.

  4. Oh my!! Dreadful performance of fab dancetrack
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  5. The Cappella performance stuck in my mind as the worst I ever saw on TOTP.
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  6. MY EARS
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  7. That Cappella performance is iconic. Somehow, not one note of that vocal is in tune. Even the rapper is barely keeping up with the music.
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  8. That Capella performance is the WORST. It sounds like Friday night at the karaoke.
  9. I don't remember this song being so bad. It sounds like one of those cheap educational songs you'd hear when something bad happens in a children's programme.
  10. This wasn't bad at all.
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  11. Francesca Sandford's best vocal performance to date.
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  12. What is awkward / worst here?
  13. The only worse thing I've heard in karaoke is a middle-aged guy literally shouting his way through American Pie (made all the more excruciating by the plinky-plonky synths in the background - yes, it was the Madonna version). And even that, somehow, was closer to the actual tune than the Cappella performance.

  14. Love Kirsty, but they don't sound good together in the chorus.
  15. That Toni performance was fab, but I just remembered how they'd do those performances on TOTP where there'd be no audience... in hindsight is that because they were pretaped in some random studio in America if the artist couldn't appear or something?
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  16. Even funnier than the performance itself is Jo Whiley almost, but not quite, managing to conceal her utter disgust long enough to introduce them.
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  17. Yes, see also
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  18. Yes. This one might be Germany, if I remember rightly. I just wish they had the facility for her to sing live, rather than her doing some half-arsed dancing and atrocious miming where she doesn't even keep the mic at her face when the peak vocal is happening. Or I wish she was better at miming.
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