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Most Awkward/Worst TOTP Performances

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blabby, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Oooof.

    If ever there was a case for Melodyne...
  2. Oh Dear. I'm surprised neither of them threw up!

    Royksop put in a similarly chronic performance back in 2003.. I can kind of see what they were aiming for, the tune does lend itself to in-car listening.. but not with two po-faced knob twiddlers messing about in the passenger seats. Plus those haircuts.

    Still an incredible track though.
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  3. M'lud, may I present this thread as the best case for MIMING, as they used to do in the "good old days"....

    (Although, saying that, anyone who remembers the hopeless shitfest that was MC Miker G and DJ Sven's Holiday (c)Rap in 1986, which sent a record that had climbed 23-6 straight back down, and quickly.)

  4. A sub-standard remix that never even got released, a dreadful dance routine (watch Paul to see him awkwardly eyeing the others to keep track of the choreography 1 beat behind everyone else), interesting vocals and a messy middle 8 with people singing the wrong bits at the wrong time.

    Still love the hot pants off them though.
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  5. The two Childliners' Gift of Christmas performances from 95 were ropey - interchangeable faces miming to other people's vocals.

    "What's that? Michelle Gayle can't make it? Stick the black girl from the flop girl group in her place - we professionals notice, but Joe public never clocks a darn thing."

    Sean Maguire is all sorts of embarrassing in both.
  6. Not the most awkward but she looks like a teenager whos with her mates pretending they on TOTP and coming up with a routine for a school production where pretending to sing (e.g. using a microphone) is not a criteria.

  7. Have to post this one from Real McCoy. One of my fave eurodance songs but what a dreadful performance.

    It's really weird that they agreed to sing live - they'd ditched the rule by then, neither of the girls actually performed on the record, and they evidently didn't even have an instrumental available so had to knock one off in a hurry.

    Even Bruno Brookes took the piss out of them on his radio show, saying it was quite funny seeing a rap act trying to do Take That moves.

    I also love that they appear to have deliberately kept Patsy (on the right) as low in the mix as possible, presumably as she's the weaker singer.
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  8. Completely out of tune singing and unnecessary scatting on this Felix performance

    And two more from Cappella!

  9. A sign that it's time to quit, if ever there was one.
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  10. There’s a performance of her singing Strong Enough where she gets the dance wrong.
  11. Really, I thought it was horrendous! Not one of them could sing live.
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  12. Rochelle and Queen Stacey did good, though!
  13. Wow. Interesting performance. Even O-Jay doesn't sound that great. Why didn't they use Karin? It's not like she looks hideous.
  14. I believe it was because she was a little bigger back then.
  15. All the better for filling those pipes with air...
  16. Considering their age, the fact that they were singing live on their first ever TOTP and still doing a heavy dance routine, I’d say they did well.
  17. You say she doesn't have a clue, but in her defence they are actually performing the Oracles Remix, which she features on and performs similar vocals.
  18. I was transfixed by the guy in the white t-shirt, centre behind the dancers, getting his life to the song. What a mover!
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