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I thought this board might do well to have a topic a bit like the PJ Book Club one in offtopic: basically somewhere to come and comment on a film you've just seen that doesn't have its own topic or you can't be bothered to search to see if there is one.

Anyway, I'll kick off proceedings. I just finished watching The Class (Entre Les Murs, en français) and it's bloody brilliant. It's François Bégaudeau playing himself in a semi-fictional depiction of his own experiences as an inner-school Parisian teacher - though you wouldn't have realised he's not trained as an actor given the fact that he gives a fantastic performance in the film. It really gave painted visceral image of how difficult it is to get through to 'no hoper' kids. I think the saddest part of it all was towards the end when a girl, who until this point we hadn't actually seen in the film, comes up to François and tells him she hasn't learned anything in the whole year. It was sort of eye-opening to the fact that the loudest, most disruptive students take up all of this time and energy of the teaching staff, and students like this who struggle silently are nothing but ignored. No easy solutions, to be sure.

It's a shame Bégaudeau doesn't seem to have any inclination to turn his hand to any more acting, because I really was impressed. The kids were pretty phenomenal too.
Just watched Dead Poets Society for the first time. All I can say is: NEIL! I'm not really one to get upset when it comes to movies, but tears were streaming all over the place.
Catfish, along with The Social Network (fittingly), is my movie of the year. Hoax or not, it's a fascinating, thought-provoking, gripping story that's so well told (and fantastically presented, in terms of visuals and music) I was engaged from the beginning - when it's a simply a story of an internet-aided long distance relationship - before any kind of 'twist' revealed itself.

It's a brilliant, throroughly modern-day film  - a sort of cautionary tale of web 2.0 - but it packs such an emotional punch that it should be accessible to just about anyone and, no matter what your opinion of it, inspire some very interesting debate.
Having bought a load of random cheap horror films over the weekend, I watched one there, a Saw knock-off, by Lionsgate obviously, called Thr3e. Actually not a bad little film. Not in the least gory, but the whole mystery plot is actually done quite nicely. The ending is a bit annoying, but it's not as bad as it could have been, considering the way the film progresses.

Got absolutely slaughter by the critics though, apparently.
Managed to watch Away We Go and Up! today.

Away We Go was cutesy, indie, lovable, etc. The two leads were charming and all the supports were suitably fucked up. However it was all a bit too precisely cued. Here is the deep bit where parental issues are confronted. Here is the funny bit where the crazies are confronted. Here's another deep bit about parental love. Here's another bit about the pain of love. It just all felt very segmented with a discrete lesson in each place they went "AWAY TO". I did like it though.

Up! is of course a very different beast. It's probably not even in my top 5 Pixar films, but that sequence near the start charting Carl and Ellie's love is one of the best I've ever seen. It's charming, it's nuanced, it's heartbreaking. That everything is so well communicated despite the complete lack of dialogue is a testament to the writers at Pixar. I well up every time I watch that bit.
I watched some of Independence Day in HD last night, and it looked horrific. Everything looked so fake, and it was an all-round not very pleasant viewing experience. A lot of things actually look quite horrible in HD. It's great for documentaries, but it just makes movie sets look un-movie like.
I've really been in animated films lately and there have been some great ones out. Secret Of Kells is a fantastical beautiful Irish 2D animation and A Town Called Panic, a bonkers Belgian stop motion animation made by the same guys who did the Cravendale adverts (!!)
I saw the Odd Couple last night. Amazing amazing amazing. It looks great (especially in HD) and has there ever been a better screen actor than Jack Lemmon?

To add to the HD debate. After this (which looked crisp and clear), I watched Iron Man 2 on blu-ray, which looked like an episode of Holby City in comparison.
Rented "Get him to the greek" - this is one of those rare DVDs where ALL the bonus material is worth watching. Also, I love the fake popstar "Jackie Q" as played by Rose Byrne with hit songs "supertight" and the classic "Ring round" which ends with the spoken words - "I'm talking about my asshole - Jackie Q"

I was surprised to see Greg Kurstin wrote the latter, but then I suppose in fantasy as in reality, he works with everyone
The brilliance of Children of Men is woefully underappreciated. It's such a good film. The one-take shots (even if they're not actually one-take) are just breathtaking. I feel like nobody really knows the film though!
Children Of Men is amazing. And I thought nobody knew it either, but the local uni does weekly screenings, and the only time they've filled up i the last few years was the night they showed it. It went down a storm too.
Well it's good to know it's appreciated in some circles! I'm going to take the DVD to uni and force all my friends to watch it. Too many times have I mentioned it in conversation only to get a blank stare.
I was reading through Empire's list of most anticipated and came across 'Hanna'. My god, that trailer! I was not expecting it to be SO good. It's looks like it'll be Salt on crack, and Salt was a really good action movie, despite the twists being all over the place.

Saying that, one of the comments spoiled the entire twist for me. FUCKER.


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For my Development & Aesthetics of Film class we have to watch five movies to apply one of the questions on the exam to. We got to pick them from the Ghent Film Festival line-up and the classic movies our uni shows.

I've already watched The Philadelphia Story and the recent Hugh Hefner documentary. Now I still have three more left to see until my exam, Exit Through The Gift Shop, It's A Wonderful Life and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
Has anyone else seen this B-Movie parody, "Bitch Slap"? I just watched it having rented it from Blockbuster. Wasn't half bad. A little too long, perhaps, but there were some genuine laugh out loud moments (one of which being a cameo appearance by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor from "Xena" as two nuns). Although it was a parody, some of the action scenes were sloppy and if they'd been better executed I think it would've been better overall.
Susannah York died yesterday.

I have a slight obsession with the swinging sixties set of British actresses so this is very sad. She was also Superman's mum.

Everyone should watch "The Killing Of Sister George" where she plays the childlike dolly mad girlfriend of a middle-aged drunk soap actress played by Beryl Reid.... what more do you want from a film??
I watched My Sisters Keeper the other day. Didn't cry. Does that make me evil? Movie was rather rubbish too. There is just someone about Cameron Diaz that...irks me!