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Went to see the Green Hornet yesterday - hands down the WORST film I have ever seen in the cinema (besting both Catwoman and Basic Instinct 2)..... imagine a cross between Howard the Duck and one of the later Police Academies...
citoig said:
It was shit. And my mate that I went with loved it, I genuinely couldn't see why. Total disappointment.

The screen I saw it at had about 16 people in it - 4 walked out.

The 3D is appalling as well. 0D would have been preferable.


Went to see The Green Hornet this afternoon - my mate and I were the only ones in there.

Very disappointing. The story was weak and made no sense half the time, and the script was bad (although a few minor laughs) and felt badly improvised at times. It had no distinctive visual style (I can't believe Michel Gondry directed this) and the special effects, although okay when they happened, were nowhere near frequent enough. The whole thing felt like it was made in 1992.

Cameron Diaz was wasted for all of the 12 minutes she was onscreen. Seth Rogen sounds like Kermit the Frog when he shouts. "Bludofsky" was a shit villain with no charm, charisma, or personality. The 3D was utterly pointless.


I re-watched The Science of Sleep today and had forgotten how much I liked it. Hard to believe the man who directed it went on to direct The Green Horseshit.


Anyone here see Savage Grace?

I saw it a few days ago and wow... all kinds of wrong.
IMHO said:
Has anyone seen NEDs? I need to discuss it! The last 20 minutes in particular...

Neds was filmed right round the corner from my area. It's for this reason I can't go and see it. Some of the actors are real life neds that used to terrorise the area as well.
I saw 'You, Again' and expected the worst shit ever but I REALLY enjoyed myself.

I loved Kristin Chenoweth so I totally screamed when she suddenly came on-screen.


Alphableat said:
I'm watching The Class. Again. It's still very good, and it's helping me pick up some French words.

I've just finished watching it. It was really great. As I was watching it on a French DVD there weren't English subtitles and I missed a couple of bits, but I got the general gist of everything. I thought one of the best bits was the girl at the end when she said she'd read Plato and joked about the "pétasse" argument.
I'm semi-watching this random film on Sky Movies called 'How To Be', starring the astounding charisma void that is Robert Pattinson. I was all for seeing a different side to him, but this this truly, truly horrendous. I've not seen a film so poorly acted in a good while.