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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. The entire thing was awful in fact.
  2. Eaux. Why do you think this? You're a Geordie lass aren't ya so I'd be interest to hear your views!
  3. Pretty sure I posted in the thread...

    Yep here:
  4. Even though I like most of the shows Netflix produces, I find their original film output really shoddy most of the time.
  5. Life was... way trashier than expected. Enjoyed it, but Gravity it was not.
  6. best moment from golden globe's 2017? Yes, yes it is.

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  7. The Last Witch Hunter, or Vin Diesel Spends a Lot of The Film Dreaming
  8. I like some of Ken Loach's films (The Wind That Shakes the Barley to pick just one), but, you are right, it's garbage Socialist Worker propaganda.
  9. Catfight is an incredible piece of cinema.
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  10. Yes! Meant to post on here about it when I saw it a couple of weeks back. The cast are incredible.
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  11. I didn't know that Winona Ryder has been in the same relationship for six whole years and that just puts a whole new light on how I see her.
  12. I've only now just got round to seeing La La Land... I'm midway through, and I actually think I hate it!

    ...Ryan's hand placement in his dancing scenes is'nt even the worst bit (a disadvantage of being married to an ex-dancer), I'm just not getting the praise it got (apart from having great intensions with the bringing back old school musical thing)... it might get turned off.
  13. I hated 20th century Women. It didn't even look like the 70s. I hated how every character was created before filming! Billy Crudup would never be involved with a stupid person even though he is a carpenter! And Annette Bening's life storyline made no storyline sense at all. This movie doesn't know shot about the 70s. Why doesn't doretha divorce her husband? Greta gershwig literally doesn t make sense.
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  14. Not to mention Elle Fanning looks like a boy throughout. Yas
  15. Ha I came to post about this.

    Apart from the awful opening number (which made me side eye my cat...) I loved all of it. The music, the sets, the story and the leads. Two hours of escape.
  16. Saw the new Baywatch last night. Absolute trash. Was hoping it would be a bit more fun & campy (some scenes did it very well), but most of it was unfunny nonsense. It's also some of the worst CGI/green screeen I've ever seen.
  17. Finally watched the Blu-ray and I'm fuming at the ending to Passengers. The version in the script made me weep - it was so touching (with the photo-booth pictures and momentoes from their life on the ship found by the other passengers 88 years later).

    Enjoyed the film as a whole, but truly gutted they removed the ending.
  18. I saw Passengers last night and loved it, didn't know anything about the story and the trailer did a very good job of not giving the game away, so was shook when I realised what was going to happen! The zero-gravity pool scene was also properly scary, which was quite a feet for a scene with so much CGI.

    I did find the ending a bit, "is that it?" but it conveyed the message just about well enough I suppose, it didn't spoil it for me.
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  19. But what did she think of the rest of the film?

    I've still to watch it, it sits there waiting.
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  20. Queen of Katwe seemed to disappear without trace at cinemas, which was totally undeserved.

    Watches it today, and it's a real heart warmer. I even got excited about chess, of all things.

    And Lupita's in it.
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