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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I remember going to see Chicken Run at the cinema with my brother and my dad, god I feel fucking old as the hills these days.
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  2. Would it be right to say Netflix has inspired a mini renaissance of Chicken Run? I’d forgotten it exists but it’s always on the most popular list. Would be interesting if it was getting particularly good numbers and that was what inspired the sequel.
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  3. Just watch the new Jumanji, and absolutely loved it, great fun, and actually well acted by all (seeing as though they were playing "other" people. Just great fun!
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  4. Watched Love, Simon the other day.

    Really wasn't a fan of it, like, at all.
  5. So I’ve paid dust to the MCU for ten years because I fell behind with it, but I’m now racing through so I can catch Infinity War in cinemas.

    Up to Thor: Dark World so far, and the whole enterprise is very enjoyable. Thankfully I have seen a few of the more standalone films along the way, so only seven more movies to go...

    (Way too scared to even look in the Marvel thread.)
  6. The Big Sick is lovely
  7. The Big Sick is one of the worst movies I've ever tried to watch.
  8. But how?! It’s perfect, heart-warming, etc.
  9. I wouldn’t say worst but I was underwhelmed and disappointed that I was underwhelmed cause Kumail.

  10. Jennifer Garner not just getting her Sydney Bristow game back on but doing it in a whole distaff Liam-Neeson-in-Taken fantasy?

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  11. This scene never fails to amaze me the acting, the chemistry between the 5 women, how it goes from heartbreak to comedy so seamlessly...

    By the way Ouiser is one of the best characters in film ever.
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  12. Amazing film.
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  13. I think it's a perfect night to watch this cinematic classic.

  14. Works for any - and every - night!
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  15. A real guilty pleasure Finest Hour gets regular plays on my phone. Never Gonna Be the same Again is a real bop to that sax...

    As for the film I hate how she and Polly didn't get a reconciliation scene.
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  16. Back in the Napster days, I searched EVERYWHERE for an MP3 of Never Gonna Be The Same Again and Most Popular Girl. I remember finally finding someone who had literally ripped them from the DVD and I was so excited.

    God I was gay.
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  17. I would quite like another Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider film, please.
  18. I saw "Now You See Me" the other day. I enjoyed it because of Mark Ruffalo's performance; I admit I haven't seen many of his films. Has anyone got any recommendations?
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  19. You Can Count on Me (with Queen Laura Linney)
    In the Cut (you may not like the movie but he's sexy as hell in it)
    13 Going on 30 (guilty pleasure but he's adorable in it)
    Zodiac (I just love this movie in general, but it's unsettling)
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