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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. ALL these +The Kids Are All Right, where he plays the ultimate zaddy.
  2. He is great (and HOT) in Kids Are All Right.
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  3. 13 Going on 30 is one of the peaks of cinema.
  4. Y'all missing Just Like Heaven.

    maybe for the best
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  5. I adore Just Like Heaven!
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  6. GOD! The music was fucking incredible in this one. I've probably watched it about 437 times when I was a teenager. Never Gonna Be the Same Again for PJOPS YATH.
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  7. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I've just seen "The Kids Are Alright" and loved it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his films.
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  8. Definitely. Classic.

  9. The character is a twat but he’s really great in xx/xy. Plus it’s got Kathleen Robertson in it too, and she’s always amazing.
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  10. She never gets enough respect, does she? I always support my fellow Canadians but she is a fantastic actress.
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  11. She doesn’t!

    Have you seen Splendor? It’s seen as lesser Greg Araki but I really like it and she’s sublime in it.
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  12. When will someone have the decency to put Rex Reed's career out of its misery.
  13. Oh, dear. What did he say now??
  14. I haven't, but I definitely need to do a Kathleen Robertson revue. I remember seeing her in a movie which was reminiscent of Changing Lanes and a little of Falling Down. All I remember is she was excellent in it.

    I'm surprised she is not starring in her own series on Neftlix.
  15. So painful seeing Kristen Wiig in such nothing roles such as Downsizing. She should be leading every movie and tv show going.
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  17. Blockers was a lot of fun.
  18. My boyfriend just told me he's never seen Teen Witch.

    This relationship is cancelled.
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