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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Yes. I can’t say I liked Boyhood but she was brilliant. The scene where she basically admits life is ultimately disappointing was shattering and authentic.
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  2. Anne Hathaway cast as the Grand High Witch.

    She’s got it in her to nail it, I think.

    I’m really hyped for it as I absolutely adored the story as a child.
  3. Oh interesting. Not my first choice for the role but.... I think she probably does have the range.
  4. I just can't picture her as the GHW

    It will certainly be interesting as I love the story dearly. I'm excited by them sticking right to the book this time around.
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  5. Jesus. I saw this film a few weeks back and HE IS SO UNBELIEVABLY FIT IN IT. It’s so clear and crisp in its picture that it pushes his beauty even further at you.

    I’m being extra, I like him cos he looks like someone I used to have adult sleepovers with.

    Movie was okay I guess, i just can’t warm to her.
  6. It's a high-tech, stalkery version of Sleeping Beauty in space. Did no-one else spot that the woman woken from her sleep by our handsome lead is called Aurora?
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  7. Yesterday I played The Return of the King out of boredom and goosssssh, the emotions.

    Those three films really were a moment, huh?
  8. I watched Support The Girls the other night and really enjoyed it. I already knew it before I watched it but Regina Hall is great and should be getting more love for her film roles.
  9. Them not including the scouring of the shire always irked me, as it would have broken up the never ending goodbyes it feels take up the last hour of the film.

    But, I did watch Fellowship for the first time in years last week, and phew, yes, I can’t wait to rewatch the next two.
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  10. Rewatching the extended versions on Blu ray after a long break is quite the experience.

    Fellowship will always be my fave.
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  11. Still and always will be my favourite films (the trilogy) of all time.

    I even have a soft spot for The Hobbit films as well. Despite the fact that they are clearly vastly inferior to what came before.
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  12. [​IMG]

    I hope he cracks and narcs on the whole fucking crew.
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  13. I remember that part boring me when I read it, so I wasn’t too bothered that it wasn’t in the film. Maybe if I read it now I’d enjoy it more.

    I watched The Two Towers a few days ago and WIG.
    The battle of Helm was really something. And Frodo falling lower and lower under the ring’s spell is something that I relate to a lot more now than when I was 10.

    Watching the Fellowship now and the shire really is that bitch, huh. I’m crying.
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  14. I watched Bumblebee last night and it was easily the best Transformers film in the franchise. It borrowed a lot from Iron Giant but didn’t feel especially prequely which was a rare treat.

    Red Transformer Lady was a great camp villainess but I couldn’t help but think it would have been improved if the shitty ‘best friend’ from Edge of Seventeen showed up again to antagonise Steinfeld in some passive aggressive capacity.

    Edit: Angela Bassett plated the evil transformer woman so of course she was iconic.
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  15. I saw Mary, Queen Of Scots last night and it was fairly underwhelming. Both Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie were fantastic, but it just lacked any emotional climax, even though it tried really hard.
  16. Seeing Alita: Battle Angel getting awful reviews is music to my ears because I think James Cameron is one of the most overrated people in the industry
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  17. I watched Aquaman last night and it was awful. What a waste of money on CGI.
  18. I thought Burning was a perfect movie (and the trailer annoyed me, but it's impossible to... trail, perhaps).
  19. I saw Howards End again. I'm halfway through the novel and the acting is even better. Helena (in the hardest part), Vanessa (a perfect supporting role) and especially Anthony Hopkins are just as good as Emma.

    I just don't get what's supposed to be so poetic about the ending or what the big pay off is. I get that the death at Howards End is tragic, and that Margaret getting the house in the end probably means something. But not much else. The musical score is big problem: very distracting and just lame even on its own. The movie is also very, very faithful to the book. I feel this movie JUST gets away with it.

    This is a movie I watched many times growing up. I think my mother prefers The Remains of the Day. I do prefer Emma's performance in that movie.
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  20. I'm still going down in the Tolkien rabbit hole and watching now The Hobbit.

    I had forgotten how many... emotions Thorin awoke in me.


    Maybe it's time to read the loose adaptation/answer that is The Inheritance?
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