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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I'd watch a full film of Faye Dunaway and Swoosie Kurtz popping pills and necking vodka.
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  2. The way a chill went through my body when Duke Twink said 'Fear is the mindkiller'.... Ma'am I'm way too excited for this movie than I should be!
  3. Big Sandy Worms that don’t feature half as much as they should...
    I’m sold though.
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  4. I'm ready for this. It'll be interesting to see Timothée in a different kind of role. 'Arrival' was amazing and 'Blade Runner 2049' has become one of my favourite movies of all time time. Villeneuve did the impossible job of creating a movie that is a sequel, is its own thing and is possibly better than the original.

    Supposedly, 'Dune' is only the first part and there's room for a sequel, but I hope it'll work as a movie on its own. His movies deserve a lot more money at the boxoffice than they did. I fear chances are it won't make enough money to guarantee a sequel.
  5. Here for big budget sci fi action films that aren’t immediately affiliated with an existing franchise.
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  6. This looks incredible, I’m not sure Denis is capable of anything less than stellar, and I was happy to see so much Zendaya. That said, PLEASE don’t release this until the new year when all theaters MIGHT be open again...and I may feel comfortable going. I can’t see this on a small screen for the first time.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm watching Showgirls again.
  8. Well we're screwed at the cinemas, with both Black Widow and Death on the Nile gone in October. I knew Black Widow would go, but I thought Death on the Nile might stay. And I highly doubt that Bond is gonna stick to their release date.
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  9. The 25th anniversary was yesterday!!
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  10. I just don’t see any other major releases coming out the rest of this year, honestly.
  11. I watched The Miseducation of Cameron Post yesterday and was an emotional mess at the end, crying "I hope these kids make ittt ...". Oop.
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  12. Watched Struck By Lightning the other night, I found Chris Colfer insufferable in Glee but damn if this isn’t a really good film

    as usual, Allison Janney is everything
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  14. On The Rocks was great. Rashida Jones is a treasure.
  15. I watched San Andreas today as I usually enjoy a good disaster flick.

    And while it was okay, it seems the focus on such a small group of characters removes any emotional attachment the audience might have to losing them like in old flicks, so everyone who dies is either an entirely anonymous extra or someone coded as evil.

    Kylie's one-scene appearance was strange; wonder if she did it as some sort of favour while she was in town as she barely gets two lines out before she's gone. But she was the only remotely gay thing in a movie set in San Francisco!!! Doubtlessly I'm sure any scene around the Castro would've resulted in a stack of dead hunties.

    It was nice that the British guys weren't automatically expendable, but they also had zero backstory.

    Dwayne Johnson is always an appealing lead though and there were some cool ideas floating around.
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  16. It became an almost drinking game for me when Dwayne’s character took a different mode of transport

    watched and really enjoyed Knives Out the other day although
    the nurse swapping the meds round because of some sixth sense was a bit stupid
    It was almost worth it for Daniel Craig’s southern accent alone
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  17. Genuinely GAGGED that I don’t remember this film at all.
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  18. Renee is stunning in Judy
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  19. Absolutely. Brilliant. I love both Judy Davis and Renee's portrayals of Judy. Different takes but both outstanding.
  20. I've done Do The Right Thing this morning, had a housewives break, and now I'm doing The Favourite.
    We love lazy days off watching films.
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