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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I've watched yesterday The Grave of the Fireflies, it's breathtaking and I'm a wreck, the drawings and overall style is stunning, but my gosh, It's been years since I cried that much for a movie
  2. I finally watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and my main takeaway from it was that I really want a "Gimme head till I'm dead" T-shirt, too.
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  3. Sienna Miller really went and did that in American Woman.
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  4. I saw this at TIFF in 2018 and Sienna was excellent in it. Same with Jamie Bell in Skin (same year) and I thought both films would go onto huge acclaim and awards but, sadly, both films got buried.
  5. But one of those lines is "Get Outta My Way"!
  6. Get that promo, Kylie.
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  7. I just saw mother! by Darren Aronofsky for the first time. What a whirlwind, metaphor-heavy fever dream it was. I loved it! The fact that it’s such a polarizing work of art makes it all the more interesting. Considering Black Swan and Requiem are two of my all time favorite movies, I should’ve seen it sooner, but I was deterred by others negative opinions when it first came out.

    I love films that leave me thinking what the fuck did I just watch? There are so many layers to digest and analyze.
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  8. I tried to watch JoJo Rabbit yesterday, and just didn't enjoy it, so have parked that for a rewatch at some point, but I did watch Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, which was superb.
  9. I would absolutely give it another go. I saw it at the cinema twice and it broke my heart.

    Taika Waititi has a very distinct level of humour that isn't for everyone, but there is so much heart underneath it that makes it impossible not to feel things by the end.
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  10. I do love his other films, so I am putting it down to my state of mind yesterday
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  11. I've had ups and downs with Taika Waititi's stuff. Hunt For The Wilderpeople is incredible, Thor Ragnarok and Boy also both excellent, but What We Do In The Shadows was only OK (the TV show, especially season two, is far superior) and I really didn't like Jojo Rabbit at all.
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  12. I finally got around to watching Little Women and here’s a preface I love the books and the 1994 movie.

    This was not good, it was like a TV movie and the pace how of they handled Beths illness sucked the emotion right out of it. Florence Pugh acting as a 12 year old? Emma Watson’s stiff acting?

    They take way too many chunks out of the book and ruined it. I LOVE Saoirse but I wasn’t feeling her as Jo at all. Laura as marmee also left me cold there was no warmth.

    It was very shallow and I get that everyone loves Timothee but it’s a massive no from me and I’m sure it’s a very unpopular opinion but the 1994 is untouchable and the definitive version for me.
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  13. Like A Boss being stacked with talent, but being so terrible. The only scenes that work are with the main characters group of friends... what a mess.
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  14. What even is Tenet?

    could have spent the £10 for the dvd on chocolate instead
  15. I watched Tenet the other day. I’m generally a Christopher Nolan apologist and think The Prestige, Inception, and The Dark Knight are amongst the best movies ever made - but this was absolutely shit. It was like an SNL skit of a Christopher Nolan movie. He has become a parody of himself. Obnoxiously loud music, indecipherable and jargon-filled dialogue, nonsense plot. A really legitimately bad film.

    I know people say that Inception was confusing and that it requires multiple viewings, but I think we can all agree that it actually was fairly simple - this was on another level. I don’t think it was even trying to make sense. I really properly hated it. Kenneth Branagh was unreal. He was like an Austin Powers villain. The cinematography was good I guess?

    Next time, I think someone does need to reign Nolan in a little bit. He doesn’t need to make every movie indecipherable. Like, that’s not fun. Life doesn’t have to be like this! There’s a middle ground between this and mindless popcorn cinema. In fact, I think most of his other movies achieve that middle ground, and make a good case for being challenging but engaging blockbusters. But he’s lost the plot here. This was borderline antagonising to watch. Even with Dunkirk, which I think on the whole is a great movie, he had to throw in the weird timeline thing. And it’s like .... ok ? Well done ? What we have achieved here Chris. My Mum doesn’t understand why Tom Hardy has been in the sky for a week. What now !
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  16. I just rewatched The Dark Knight trilogy and the sound mixing got worse as they went along. He has a real issue and he thinks he’s such an artist but a lot of the scenes in The Dark Knight Rises are so hard to follow due to awful mixing. On top of all that, he was recently praising Hardy’s acting, voice work and his eye expressions. I don’t know what he was looking at but there was nothing there. Also, all the guns that were fired in the film, a lot of them never had a flash go off when it was shot and it always drives me nuts.

    The major one being on the rooftop when Selina Kyle fires the gun before Batman says “no guns, no killing”. I really would have loved to see what the film was going to be if Ledger didn’t pass away. I think Nolan’s films have gotten worse as he’s made them. The Dark Knight/Inception was his best and it’s gone down since. I didn’t make it through Interstellar as it felt like such a hurdle to finish... not sure if I should try again or ignore it.
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  17. Denzel and Clive Owen in Inside Man
  18. RIP Marion Ramsey (1947-2021): Hooks was one of my favourite characters from the Police Academy films

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  19. I watched this for the first time in yonks earlier.

    I wasn't prepared to revisit this scene.

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  20. Why would you post it?
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