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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. 7 year old me rewound this scene so many times..
  2. RainOnFire

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    It was really sad, almost too much so for me but overall I really liked it. I felt bad for Wally though, he was sweet and had good intentions, but was treated like a punching bag for 90% of the movie.

    The scene where Frank is outed in the will was absolutely devastating.
  3. Re-spun Bridesmaids today and found a whole section of cut lines on the disc that were fucking hilarious.

    I'm so glad they never caved to the pressure of a sequel.

    Kristen's delivery of this line still makes me howl:
  4. The whole airplane scene and the speech wars from the beginning have me howling to this day.

    "Whatever you say, Stove. Are you an appliance?"
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  5. I love the scene in the jewellery store where Kristen gets into the argument with the teenage girl. It is very funny but there is such a degree of truth in that scene, it makes it so much stronger. I can totally see a scene like that playing out in real life.

    I think Kristen is so great in this film. I relate SO much to her character. Those feelings of insecurity, failure and seeing people around you thrive and you are just... floundering despite all those attempts. Relatable queen.
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  6. Such a grim, wet afternoon, we've decided to watch Threads
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  7. I love Threads. A classic.
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  8. This scene kills me Haha.

    Daryl was so underrated in this movie.
  9. I watched Joy for the first time in a while last night. I know it’s hated by pretty much everyone, but I really enjoyed it?

    Jennifer Lawrence really can carry a film. A true movie star in the sense that she whips you into her journey so quickly and effortlessly. Like the film, it feels like J Law is pretty hated these days, but I really do think she’s a wonderful actress.

    Considering it’s about a fucking mop, I should not have been as compelled by the story as I was.

    The one thing that didn’t really work for me was that David O Russel must have felt a type of way about the fact that the story is a pretty standard rags to riches affair and felt obliged to chuck in all the weird soap stuff and the strange dream sequences. They didn’t really land for me. His snappy dialogue was where his voice really came through - he didn’t need all the other nonsense.
  10. I liked Joy. It made selling stuff on QVC seem like a feminist statement. Let's face it, QVC infomercials are possibly the least exciting subject for a film but they made a compelling story about it.

  11. Godzilla and King Kong can fight all they want, but I only wanted to see a glimpse of Zhang Ziyi's hair and how it compares to her look in 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'.

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  12. It made me think of this:
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  13. Uno


    Me after watching Mulholland Drive for the first time: That was cute.

    Me after watching a 22min explanation video of it on YouTube:

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  14. RIP Cicely Tyson, what a legend.

    She and Diana Ross were both nominated for Best Actress Oscar in the same year, and IIRC before them the only nominated black actress (in lead role) was Dorothy Dandrige.
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  15. She was 96???
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  16. When she first appeared in How To Get Away With Murder, I remember googling her and being stunned that she was (then) 91. I thought she was about 70-75 at the most.
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  17. Cicely was born roughly four years and one month before MLK.
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  18. Eastern Promises is still a 5/5, and Cronenberg's best since Crash...
  19. RIP Christopher Plummer (1929-2021)

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  20. I watched both of the millennial Charlie's Angels movies this week.

    The first one is fun, if not a stupid glorified Nokia commercial, but it gets by.

    Full Throttle, while occasionally funny, is just so bloated it's unreal. I'd forgotten how many ridiculous cameos there were, Bernie Mac given some terrible lines to recite, John effing Cleese, Justin Theroux's dire attempt at an Irish accent, "You were the Cock!? I was the Beaver!" and various other 'objectify us!' moments.

    That said, I'd have gladly been on board for a third one with these ladies and it's the only film where Shia LeBaeiouf doesn't need to be shut in a closet somewhere.
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