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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Mass got released on Sky/Now simultaneously with a small cinema release this year, so they might do the same with this.

  2. Hmmm. Brie Larson’s post-Oscar win career should be studied. I assumed the Marvel stuff was so she could afford to continue to thrive doing low/mid-budget quality affair but that has … never materialised. She directed that one okay film and she was solid in Just Mercy. Absolutely nothing else of note whatsoever and now this - not that there’s anything wrong with the Furious Franchise, it’s actually pretty good, but just that she’s already got her big-budget leading franchise. So much potential and so little to show for it.
  3. Not Fast & Furious franchise having a “mythology” apparently.
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  4. I blame Charlize
  5. 2014

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    I finally managed to watch Ready Player One after finishing the book earlier this year, and it's really great! The soundtrack is so solid and some of the set-pieces are truly spine-tingling (King Kong in the opening race, the whole Shining segment). I'm not really an 80's nerd so I enjoyed the little cameos I did notice (Marvin The Martian, Chucky, anything Back To The Future). Overall it was just a whole lot of fun that I didn't expect to love as much as I did.
  6. This is quite a harsh criticism ddd, poor Brie. She's got United States of Tara to show for it!
  7. I’m talking about her post-Oscar career, Tara was before. In fact, her career was entirely more interesting before she won the Oscar!

    Apart from the ones I mentioned, what has she done since 2015 that you like?
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  8. Brie got struck down hard by the Oscar curse, no doubt about it.
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  9. Finally got around to watching Coda last night, and I really enjoyed it. Hapoy cried a but, and a much more Best Pic worthy film than most the other noms I've seen.
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  10. This is so good, the Expressionist and Medieval aesthethics, the stop motion, it can be a bit unsettling, but it's so good (and very dark, especially towards the end), one of the best animated movies I have ever seen
  11. Just saw 'After Yang' by Kogonada, who also directed the excellent 'Columbus'.

    For the moment, definitely in my top 3 of the movies I've seen this year, together with 'Memoria' and 'Drive My Car'.

    Colin Farrell and Jodie Turner-Smith giving Vox Lux' Natalie Portman and Ex Machina's Oscar Isaac a run for their money during the opening credits.

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  12. Clue was hilarious when I was 12. Shouldn't have re-watched it though, the memory of it was better.
  13. The Worst Person In The World was a fucking masterpiece. I did not expect it to get that heavy.
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  14. I really do not get the current obsession with black and white versions of films which are perfectly fine in their current form? What is this going to bring to the table? There are comments under this saying it should have been black and white to begin with. What and why??

    I get it with films that have been deliberately crafted as black and white such as Passing, which was so intricately and delicately constructed to make the most out of it being black and white. But Nightmare Alley was made in colour for a reason.

    I’ve still not recovered from Film Twitter creaming themselves over the black and white version of Parasite, one of the films with the best uses of colour and most expertly used colour palettes in recent years. I just don’t get it!
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  15. The only black and white version of a modern colour film I've watched was The Mist (it made the effects better).
  16. One of the worst movies I've ever seen was witnessed over the weekend. It's called Downsizing.
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  17. I honestly watched the trailer thinking it was a comedy…

    I was very wrong
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  18. The first 35 minutes were great, then it's one of the most soul draining experiences, ever.
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    I think that’s likely down to it being a film noir and black and white being so integral to classic noir style (including the first adaptation of Nightmare Alley).

    I think I got as far as the cleaner/peach montage in the b&w Parasite before turning off. Need that bright red sauce on the tissue.

    George Miller said the best version of Fury Road was b&w but I’ve never got round to watching the “Black and Chrome” edition
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