Mr Bates Vs. The Post Office

Has anyone else watched this on ITV?

I binged it all in one go. I had read about the scandal, but seeing it played out on screen really shook me.
I was stunned how the Post Office behaved towards to Sub Post Masters. Fujitsu weren't innocent either.
I barely break even financially each month, I couldn't/wouldn't make up any shortfall in cash. I'd be having to take up OnlyFans, sell my posessions and whatever else I could. Such a sad and angering experience for all the SPMs involved.
There’s a great podcast about it from a few years ago that goes into the scandal. It’s got interviews with many of the postmasters involved in bringing this to national attention. It’s called The Great Post Office Trial.
^ Will look for that podcast!

My brother and I have watched the first two episodes, and are going to finish the other two tonight, I think. It's so well written, acted, and it really gets across the turmoil the postmasters/postmistresses went through. There were a few times in the first two episodes that I was caught off guard and felt very emotional.

In my village growing up, we had a tiny post office, and we always used to think it was bizarre that the sub-postmaster there would double/triple check everything that he was doing, and that the money was correct he was giving out. And that was for every customer, without fail.
We just thought it was one of his things, but now watching this (and presuming he would have had the Horizon system), it made us both think that perhaps he was going through exactly the same thing and couldn't explain it?