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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. GREAT new act, she's been described as a Sleigh Bells and Aimee Mann mixture. She's Norwegian, but based in London. She has one single on iTunes, "Rescue Song", released this April, but this remix in particular is AMAZING:

  2. 'Rescue Song' is lush! Those synths are so warm, I love them!
    I like 'Demolition', too. They sound good together, they're consistent and different at the same time.
  3. I'm starting to love her. She's done a great cover of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, and also Single Ladies (she replaced "Dereon jeans" with "Mr Little Jeans". I guess there goes Bey's writing credit).
  4. Wow, I love the Rescue Song remix. She's very, very good.
  5. She's gorgeous! The scene with the priest and the kid was amazing, too bad this isn't for an original song.
  6. New song 'Oh Sailor', featuring "The Silverlake
    Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale".

    It's amazing! It's quite melancholy but still really saccharine.
  7. Isn't there another tread about Mr Little Jeans? I'm sure I posted stuff on another one. I love her, especially 'Runaway' and the new song. The album will be out this summer apparently.
  8. I love her. Vocally she reminds me of Jonna Lee before she became iamamiwhoami. "Oh, Sailor" is also really stunning and the video is beautiful.

    HOWEVER, I with a passion, when a perfectly amazing pop song decides to have a children's choir take a dump on the song. They practically drown her out of the chorus. UGH.
  9. This is really gorgeous.
  10. A&E


    I love "Oh Sailor", it first appeared on a soundtrack album to some German film in February.
  11. Has anyone heard Oh Sailor's amazing b-side?

    Or Oh Sailor's amazing remix which thankfully removes the problem of that annoying child choir drowning her out on the chorus.

    Also this new song by Mr. Little Jeans is even more amazing.

    You're welcome.
  12. Woah, thank you DirtyPornStar, all three of those are wonderful, especially 'Back to the Start'.
  13. I haven't heard one song from her that I didn't like!

    The only problem is, like almost every artist in 2013, WHEN IS THE ALBUM BEING RELEASED?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?
  14. "Soon" probably.

    Why am I only just discovering her? (Answer: Because I suck.) Thanks DirtyPornStar for bumping this thread and introducing me to what is sure to be a new favourite.
  15. Debut album "Pocketknife" out July 19th on Sony Music.

    Tracklist + Songwriting credits:

    1. Rescue Song (Monica Birkenes, Tim Anderson)
    2. Mercy (Monica Birkenes, John Hill)
    3. Runaway (Monica Birkenes, Tim Anderson)
    4. Oh Sailor (Monica Birkenes, Tim Anderson)
    5. Don’t Run (Monica Birkenes, John Hill)
    6. Good Mistake (Monica Birkenes, Tim Anderson, Maize La Rue, Drew McFadden)
    7. Haunted (Monica Birkenes, Blake Healy)
    8. Lady Luck (Monica Birkenes, Tim Anderson)
    9. Valentine (Monica Birkenes, Peter Agren, Janne Kask)
    10. Far From Home (Monica Birkenes, Lester Mendez)
  16. Ooh, John Hill? So soon too!
  17. A&E


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  18. I love the new track. Would be helpful if it was out in the UK.
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