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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Anybody watching this? I was bored and rooting through shows on Popcorn Time for things to watch and I decided to give it a go... and it's kinda awesome.

    Catching Fight Club type vibes from this show.

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  2. I'm watching and it is awesome.
  3. Mr. Robot himself is so annoying though, ughhh.
  4. Still waiting for more people to catch on to this. The twists in the last few episodes have been amazing.
  5. Watched all of this up to Ep 9 in the past week - completely caught me off guard, wasn't expecting something this good. The characters are brilliant (Tyrell and his wife are fascinating) and Rami Malek is utterly mesmerising in the lead role. Loving all the twists & turns, the last two episodes were fantastic. Looking forward to the finale this week!
  6. I've been hearing great things about the show so I shall binge watch this on the plane next week.
  7. MB


    I got very bored during the first episode so gave up!
  8. OK, joining in with the appreciation. I already spoiled myself with the
    Fight Club-lite
    plot twist, mid-season, but it's still interesting to me in many ways, since I've also started to despise the capitalist way of living after working for a large software company. Makes you wonder how this show even came to be - even though it's supposed to be entertainment, it just shows that these ideas are also part of the mainstream, and that even the people who consider being outsiders in the system are accounted and catered for, so there can never be an escape, really.
    I really wonder what the second season will show - I'm thinking that perhaps it will become slightly dystopian, which would be the biggest plot twist of all. "See what happens when you rebel, sheeple?"
    God, I'm overthinking this!
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  9. This summer's TV revelation. The new Breaking Bad. Do yourselves a favor and get caught up before season 2.
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  10. I'm only three episodes in and ignoring this thread etc. but I find myself being relieved whenever there are a couple of scenes without him. Hmm.
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  11. I feel like the internet has been working extra hard at making this actor a "thing".
  12. I've just started watching this and hot damn is it great.
  13. This is definitely my favourite show of 2015. Episode 8 pretty much scalped me clean.
  14. Just watched the first episode and... yes, I'm in. It's great.
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  15. I watched this in the fall, loved it, but had no idea what was going on in the last four episodes. I must re-watch before it comes back in the summer. Season starts July 13!!!
  16. SBK


    I loved this, I'm watching it again now. Having a bank holiday binge!

    I thought he was really good. Where is the Internet trying hard? I've never seen anyone discussing him...
  17. He's all over Tumblr.
  18. I'm blaring through this right now and I love it.
  19. I cannot wait for season 2. Please don't suck.
  20. My boyfriend insists on making my watch this before season 2 begins, but 3 episodes in and I'm just not really feeling it? Is it worth sticking with? Does it improve at all? It has all the ingredients, I just find I can't stay focused during the episodes. Nothing is really grabbing my attention!!
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