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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Season 3/4 are well worth the wait and I'd put them at the same level as season 1.

    Season 2 fleshes out the story and develops the character relationships but does have a very different pacing to the rest of the show.
  2. Season two has its haters - it’s not as good as season one, but I still really enjoyed it. Seasons three and four are fantastic.
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  3. Season 2 also makes great use of an FKA Twigs song, so it stays winning.
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  4. no but the whole show is a very enjoyable ride
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    I liked Shayla. Omg the opening episode of how they met. ;-(
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  6. Soo jealous you get to experience this incredible show for the first time.

    I personally didn’t think S2 was that bad but it’s deff not on par with the other seasons.

  7. I just finished season one and they’re really gonna leave so many things unanswered huh?

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  8. I feel like if you enjoy the latter Westworld seasons, you'll probably enjoy the latter seasons of Mr. Robot. I did not have a high tolerance for the meaningless obfuscation and faux profundity of season 3 and 4, but the first two seasons of Mr. Robot were stellar.
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    The ending of the first episode of season 2
    with GG being SHOT at the bar.

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  10. NOT THIS Wanda Vision episode on Season 2. I can see things are definitely SE-LOW-ER going into it but I'm kinda enjoying this still? It just sucks you right into this world immediately and Sam is a fucking amazing director.
  11. Season 2 is definitely the show’s weakest for me, but it’s still an absolute triumph.
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  12. I lived when Miss Whiterose casually showed the agent her CLOSET of LEWKS.

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  14. I just finished Season 2. Oh Miss Tyrell wants to kaikai with Elliot, I SEE YOU.

    I enjoyed the slow build of the story and how each character was fleshed out in Season 2 when Elliot wasn't on screen.

    I can't wait for Season 3.

    The song choices for this show remains perfect.

    FKA Twigs. Perfume Genius. Kraftwerk = TASTE.
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  15. Not this entire episode in season 3 that explains the disappearance and return of Ms Swedish Fish.

    Thank you Sam for including those shirtless scenes of him with a beard. WOOF.

    Rest in Peace QUEEN OF MEAN Joanna.
  16. Episode 6 of Season 3...

    As Mariah would say, that was a CLASSIC!

    Fuck, I can’t stop binging this but I need to sleep.
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  17. The way I had barely any idea what was going on in season 3 but still stanned every minute. That's talent.

  18. These last few episodes of season 3 is quite a mess.

    It peaked at the beginning and the middle.

    On to the last one. I hope I’ll be SHOOK.
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  19. Season 4 is one of my favorite final seasons of anything ever. Miss Esmail did EXACTLY what he had to do. It's a ride.
  20. Consider me perched.

    Just started the first episode and WTF OUR USELESS KWEEN GETS CHOPPED 2 mins in? I refuse to believe this!

    We didn’t even get a close up. ALSKAJAJFFF
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