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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. I’m

    Can she be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
  2. NOT Darlene turning Angela's place into a fucking COKE DEN. I-

    OMG that fake out death scene after the credits and then Miss Esmail killing Mr Robot = AMAZING.

    And this is just the first episode.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. This opening flashback to 1982 where MUTHA ZHANG revealed her true self in that white dress.

    I GAGGED. I’ll miss this show so much. ❤️

    MISS ESMAIL is an ally confirmed.

    Edit: WTF did Darlene not get on the flight? I-
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  6. One of the most important uses of music in TV history.
  7. My gay heart when the saxophone intro came in. I FUCKING SQUEALED.
  8. I still think about Angela every day.

  9. I took a break and saved the last three episodes for tonight. If I finish all three I’ll be live posting my reactions here that you heuaxs didn’t ask for.

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  10. “I made a safe space for him. He got everything he ever wanted.”


    “Darlene, I’m wrong. He doesn’t have everything. And even though I’m only a part of him, I want you to know I love you.”


    I need time to digest this. I never regretted diving into this show with the quickness. What a beautiful ride. Thank you, Miss ESMAIL. ❤️

    And for a show that’s so heavily influenced by Chuck & Fincher’s Fight Club, that almost ending shot overlooking the skyline from an empty office building...
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  11. “Come on, this only works if you let go too.”

  12. I watched all four seasons in the span of 3 weeks after seeing this thread and I loved all of it.
    I specially like how all the twists were telegraphed way in advance, so the show was not about the twists but more how would the characters would react to it when they came to light.
    The playfulness with different styles and gimmicks also were amazing and gave a lot of texture to the show. Truly amazing television.
  13. It took me almost the same time as well. I think. Living in that world everyday with a new episode to watch. Eurgh. This is why I will always love the 'TV' format for storytelling, especially when you get to binge a really good one like Mr. Robot.

    I wonder if I should start Breaking Bad / The Sopranos next? Or if anyone knows a really good one to 'replace' Mr. Robot, do @ me as a recommendation, thanks.
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  14. This show is still in my thoughts. Especially this particular scene from season 4;

    The song choice, the setup, the acting, the directing, and the writing = chef's kiss.
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  15. I'm currently rewatching The Sopranos and it holds up incredibly well. Personally, it's among my favorite series of all time. Very few TV performances can hold a candle to what James Gandolfini and Edie Falco delivered on The Sopranos week after week (not to mention Drea De Matteo, who becomes a powerhouse before your eyes on the series, turning what was initially a bit part into a tour de force). It's very different from Mr. Robot, but it's also very much the blueprint for the modern cable series.

    Breaking Bad is also incredible, a bit more straightforward in terms of plot.
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  16. The only poor choice would be to not start either of those shows. TV doesn't get better.
  17. I will say, Hannibal has currently been filling a bit of my Mr. Robot fix. Aesthetics, a mentally unstable/unreliable narrator, and incredible supporting female characters? Glad I finally gave it the time of day.
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  18. Ooo I love Hannibal. It’s so good to binge although I saw the series in real time, I can imagine the first option to experience the show would be better since it’s a slow burn.
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  19. Breaking Bad is phenomenal. It could so easily have been nonsense, but the sheer skill in the plotting is unmatched. I found every ridiculous turn completely believable.
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  20. The Season 2 finale is one of TV's finest hours.
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