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Ms. Marvel (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jun 8, 2022.

  1. The first episode was excellent.
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  2. I'm so excited for the rest of the series. That first episode hit.
  3. You can really tell that they're invested in Kamala and that she has a future in the franchise because this felt like so much less of an afterthought than Moon Knight. It felt richer, less cheap, its tone is confident and clear and the writing was much tighter.

    It gave me Scott Pilgrim vibes and I thought Iman was really great, I hope it manages to keep this momentum.
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  4. He


    There were no weak moments on this. The care they put into it feels like a film, one the good ones.

    So vibrant and great. I hope the quality remains throughout.

    Apparently the Photon gloves refer to Monica, which is interesting.
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  5. I wouldn't be surprised by the way this is going and how much it references Carol, that we're going to get a cameo from her towards the end of the season to weave into Kamala's role in The Marvels.
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  6. Was just coming on to make this thread,
    It feels like this show has its own voice right away, compared to other Disney+ MCU shows, even more than Wandavision.
    I am also enjoying the positive reactions its getting online, but also feeling a bit peed off at the "oh actually this is really good" reactions from some on social media. Some people were so ready to hate this, its sad, but so glad its great so far.
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    Maybe Monica as well? Or at least show the way she’ll be going into space.
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  8. The Avengerscon scene was so meta, I love it
  9. Source material wise this and Hawkeye are building off and hewing closely to the characterisation of the 'iconic' runs this century and it really shows.
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  10. My one main issue with Hawkeye, (despite enjoying it than the two main show that's came before it) and Moon Knight (which I did not) was that they looked like TV shows where WandaVision, Falcon and often Loki all felt like big budget motion pictures at times where Hawkeye and Moon Knight looked rushed with cheap CGI.

    I'm relieved to have the look and feel of Ms Marvel being a more cinematic and polished looking.

    The way the text messages are displayed is a nice touch, by the way.
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  11. The first episode was very charming. Loved the visuals and the camera work, and honestly don't understand why the MCU tv shows all have better lighting than the MCU movies when they probably have half the budget. I especially loved the way they're using animation to represent her fanworks and daydreams. Iman Vellani is perfect and the rest of the cast is too, particularly her mom, dad and brother.
  12. Yeah it’s great seeing realized secondary characters. Secretly I wish Monica was in this show to get a bit more background about her and where she’s been since the original Captain Marvel movie. WandaVision was great but the primary focus was on Wanda and Vision.

    I know more about Kamala in just one episode compared to other MCU mainline characters who have had movies and TV shows.
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  13. Fucking hell this was absolutely brilliant? Like so much better than I expected.

    It’s made me realise that I was probably feeling a bit of Marvel fatigue - their latest movies and shows have all looked pretty similar and had similar story beats and they’ve all just become a bit samey. This totally flips that on its head. It’s bursting with character. It’s possibly the most unique and interesting Marvel product since Wandavision? I know we’re only an episode in, but there’s been more interesting visuals and unique story in this first episode than the entirety of Hawkeye for example, which I did like.

    I also like that Captain Marvel feels like a solid presence in this. I was a bit worried she’d been totally sidelined by the MCU, giving the misogynist fanboys exactly what they wanted. And they kinda have since Endgame, but she feels so present in this and hopefully she’ll have lots to do in The Marvels. She’s deffo being geared up for a cameo. Possibly even more than that - I could see her doing a Florence Pugh and being a pretty key figure in multiple episodes towards the end of the series.
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  14. Welp! Direct quote from a friend who watched the episode...
    "Ok, I watched Ms Marvel today and I can’t figure out why your mind was so blown by it. It was cute but certainly not amazing. It’s no Loki."

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  15. I'm actually shocked at how universally loved this is. I was worried all the little subtleties that made that first episode great wouldn't have been as obvious for everyone but I was wrong!
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  16. Caption Marvel? Astaghfirullah!

    yeah this was bloody brilliant. Absolute 10/10. The way they nailed the Pakistani nuances - chef’s kiss!

    Also, the budget?! It was like a sensory overload.
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  17. The way Iman's charisma might just utterly demolish Brie's in The Marvels
  18. Oh. I didn't know this show had it's own thread.

    Like I said in the MCU thread, I loved it. The story of the first episode was very, very similar to the story of Turning Red, but didn't really take away my enjoyment of it.

    I loved the graffiti as Kamala went through all the different Captain Marvels and I liked the way they displayed the text conversation with Bruno. Also, Bruno is cute.
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  19. BTG


    Oh wow, this is every bit as good as the hype suggested. What a star.
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  20. That’s not a friend that’s an enemy get rid!
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