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Ms. Marvel (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jun 8, 2022.

  1. He’s a good friend. He can’t help that he’s a cis straight white male..
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  2. The second episode was so good too!!! The ending!!!
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  3. This is operating at a level way higher than most the MCU right now. a beautiful show so far.
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    This is the quality I expected after WandaVision, to be honest.

    Second episode was great.
  5. This is up there with WandaVision and Hawkeye for me. Loving it so much.
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  6. Great show so far. The mother is my favorite
  7. I actually like what they've done with her powers. I specially like that she does not have super strength or any kind of sudden agility, she's still clumsy with her powers - which is how I wish more superheroes were.

    Iman Vellani is really good in this.
  8. I don’t think this episode was as good as the first but I love how the secondary characters are starting to develop.
    I really like how inventive Kamala’s powers are and dare I say, it’s more exciting than her original power set.

    Yeah Iman is a STAR! She sells every scene that she’s in. What a great way to debut onto the scene with this show.
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  9. I’m not a big reader of the Marvel comics so maybe there’s something I’m missing. I find her powers way cooler than the stretching, at least from how it was presented in the terrible Avengers video game.
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    Stretching powers are too goofy and not visually appealing. I hope she doesn’t get them, as many think she might because of comments from the directors.
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  11. Yeah, I don't think the stretching powers really work on screen, it just looks so dumb.
  12. I agree with what everyone is saying but it's more than just stretching powers? She can shapeshift too, in the comics.
    The light powers are way cooler though.
  13. That moment at the café when Kamran laid his hand on Kamala's and she looked down... I swear I felt my heart skip a beat along with Kamala's.

    At its heart, this is just one of the best high school/coming of age shows in a long time.
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    So, are they related? Is this the great grandma? Why hasn’t she aged? Are they alien?

    Such a fun show and I cannot overstate how well it’s put together: the cast is brilliant, the acting is great, the script is not the usual Marvel embarrassment we get lately, and it looks amazing.
  15. Loved this week’s episode. I didn’t know they were going to address the partition, which feels kinda groundbreaking especially on such a massive show like this?

    My sister has had her shoes stolen at the mosque so many times, that bit made me laugh a lot.
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  16. Did anyone notice this
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  17. The entire wedding scene was wonderful. The way the Khan's treat Bruno like one of their own is such a sweet character touch that shows they really do want the best for their daughter even if they don't see eye to eye
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  18. I didn't notice this, I only realised after seeing it on Reddit. The HYPE though. This is one of the things I was missing from Moon Knight, some actual MCU references, tying things together.
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  19. Kamran's mum isn't related to Kamala. In the flashback, you see Aisha with the bangle, that's Kamala's great grandmother, the mother of Sana (who calls Kamala on her phone).

    I'm not quite sure what they are but they're definitely not human, hence why they don't age. I guess similar to the Eternals characters?
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  20. I loved that episode! I can't believe we're half way through now.
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