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Ms. Marvel (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jun 8, 2022.

  1. I’ve just seen that loads of people have review bombed Ms. Marvel on IMDb. They can all post whatever criticisms they like but it’s embarrassingly obvious it’s the mere concept of a female Pakistani Muslim superhero.

    How absolutely pathetic. Especially considering the sub-par offerings of white male led MCU series’, Hawkeye aside.
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  2. Another great episode. I'm glad Kamran seems to be trustworthy, even if the rest aren't. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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  3. I love the mystery in this episode! Funny enough the flashback temple scene reminded me of Shang-Chi and now I know why thanks to that tweet.

    Interesting take on the Clandestine, one of my favorite marvel comics. It always had beautiful art by Alan Davis (Excalibur fame).

    So it seems the Ten Rings and Kamala’s bracelet are connect to the Kree? Now it makes sense why Captain Marvel had a cameo in Shang-Chi and there is this affinity between Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel.
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  4. Ms Marvel might be my favourite MCU show yet. Kamala is so likeable and her walloping the Djinn onto their asses felt like a fraction of her power. QUEEN!

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  5. Bruno is a cutie

    We DO talk about Bruno in this household
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  6. In one of the Shang-Chi post credit scenes, didn't Wong say the energy coming from the Ten Rings was from another dimension? Maybe this dimension they're talking about on the show? But the the blue arm screams Kree!

    I love that this show leaves you wanting more every week! Hawkeye, Wandavision and to be honest Loki all did the same for me!
  7. Had a lot of fun with this week’s episode. I like that we got into the weeds of the storyline and the gag at it being about jinns! As kids we were constantly told stories about jinns and to be scared of them etc etc.

    Does anyone know how many episodes this season is going to be?
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  8. It's only 6 episodes sadly. I'd kill for 9 after how how great the first three are.
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  9. Its crazy how in three epsiodes the show has made Kamala and her family and friends such likeable characters that you want to get to know and spend time with. Falcon and Winter Solider gave Sam's sister and family such a boring plot with the boat and bank, so I am happy this show has managed to get the family and friends dynamic so good, so far.
    Plus this was so fun:
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  10. This continues to excel. I think it’s clearly the best MCU show so far, with only WandaVision remaining in its very distinctive own lane I guess. Ms Marvel is so inviting and just full of heart, while also beautifully acted*, shot and directed. It’s much better than I anticipated. I need her in the costume ASAP though!

    *Kamran aside, but he’s hot so it’s fine
  11. Nothing much happened this episode yet we also learned a lot? Good to know where Kamala’s people came from. I also really love how they are changing her origin more from the comics. I think this is putting a final nail in the coffin with the InHumans. That world will never be realized in the MCU.

    Despite how good this episode is I’m still seeing these dodgy elements in the CGI and some fight elements that plague the Disney+ shows.
  12. Ms Kamala having 3 guys on the go at once? Girl boss
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  13. Despite them not actually being there, they did a decent job of recreating Pakistan for the most part in this week’s episode. I just love how they’re really leaning into the human aspect of the partition. It’s a touched subject for obvious reasons but I hope they knock this out the park.
  14. Well I thought the final 15 minutes were brilliant. Great chase sequences and fighting choreography.

    I really like how Kamala remains a teenager, still learning her powers and being plain clumbsy at times.
  15. I feel like the action scenes are the weakest part of the show because everything else is pretty much excellent but the fight scenes just fall apart for me
  16. Some of the CGI does look a bit rough but I like that they shot on location for some of this (not in literal Pakistan, because they couldn't film there due to what is going on in the country, but they filmed in Bangkok). Moon Knight could never.
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  17. He


    Im ok with the CGI but some of the fighting was just odd… I wish the Clandestines had more threatening abilities.
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  18. It
    Totally agree on this. They seem so mute and weak. These fight scenes are a stark contrast between how the Netflix shows did them. You knew there was stakes after Luke, Jessica and DareDevil battled. Choreography was much better and particularly vicous. Imani however is doing a great job (including her stunt double).
  19. He


    On the other hand, I wouldn’t want such realistic hard fighting as in Daredevil, as impressive as that was.

    I think the Clandestine would have benefited from having also a set of powers that went beyond mazes and daggers, maybe these but magical? But knowing Marvel they would have defaulted to energy blasts, ddd.

    I do love the way Kamala uses her noor power. It’s believable and doesn’t take me out of the world.

    In general another strong episode. I’m way more invested in the family history, the grandma and her experience, partition and it’s consequences, than all the weak sci fi exposition about dimensions, ddd. A bit tired that part of marvel stories not advancing beyond that initial exposition.
  20. Yeah the focus on her family history and the Pakistani partition has been an unexpected highlight of the show. I know some Marvel stans are put off with all this character building, culture and history but I love it.
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