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Ms. Marvel (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jun 8, 2022.

  1. They swapped places.

    Also I suppose I saw it coming but im glad they kinda bridged the gap between Kamala's new light construct powers and her stretchy powers in the comics. like yeah they had the hands and fists from the start but the presentation of it in the last episode felt just right.

    Sad that her costume was only showcased for one episode. Cause her new one in The Marvels looks like a downgrade to me. Wish they didnt force a new costume every film/show unless it warranted a refresh.
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  2. I wonder if Damage Control and their drones is going to lead to the sentinels being created. It certainly seems like it’s laying the foundations for it
  3. It definitely felt like they were laying the groundwork for anti-mutant sentiment.

    Now they’re confirmed, I wonder how they’re gonna explain mutants suddenly existing? The snap (which wasn’t addressed or mentioned once this entire series I don’t think?!) releasing massive amounts of gamma radiation causing large number of people to mutate an X-gene would probably be an easy route to go for and would explain why mutants are a recent phenomenon in the MCU.
  4. It's annoying that we have to wait a whole year to see Carol and Kamala again. This cliffhanger 3 films out before The Marvels.
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  5. BTG



    Disney really said fuck the Inhumans.
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  6. Best thing to happen in Phase 4. A triumph of a show
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  7. Mutants! I like the way they've been brought into the MCU this way. Plus the multiverse gives room for older, more experienced mutants to come through and guide the new generation.
    Led by Amy Adams as Jean Grey without the baggage of Cyclops or Wolverine

    I really loved this series, Kamala is such an easy hero to root for.
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  8. Kamran's acting though...Christ.
  9. He was terrible
  10. I actually think whilst the pilot was fantastic and I LOVE Kamala - Hawkeye was still better overall. Some of the action sequences in this let it down a lot. It works great as a little character prologue for The Marvels though.
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  11. I absolutely loved this series! So happy we’re going somewhere again with the MCU storyline
  12. My ONLY complaint with the entire series was Damage Control. Where the hell was Tyne Daly? She was the lead of DC in Spiderman: Homecoming and I’m sorry but Alysia Reiner is no Tyne Daly.
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  13. I liked the finale, but it did start to get a little CW-y there.
  14. I said to the boyfriend, I literally have no idea what the purpose of the damage control people is. Completely pointless and Alysia Reiner was basically the same character as she was in Orange is the New Black.
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    I think it’s to kickstart hatred and profiling. She might go to fund or work for others, as she was fired it seems.
  16. Since the X-Men and Ms Marvel are a related thing now it would have been cool if Alyssa Reiner's character was Val Cooper. Would have had some cool implications.

    Despite my excitement unless there are some serious multiversal shenanigans I can't imagine how they're gonna fit a satisfying, pre-existing Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (etc etc) into this world without it feeling aggressively clunky. The school/idea itself could have been there 'all along', but mutants in general? If they're all Morlocks, maybe.

    We are a very very long way from even being where Grant Morrison's run was in terms of scale for the mutants in this world. Which kinda bums me out. I just wanna see them all hit the ground running rather than being in a slow burn origin story... again.

    Still think they should have adapted House of M, but in reverse, as a way to fit the mutants retroactively into the MCU.
  17. Maybe Wanda could still be involved somehow? She's a mutant again in the comics I believe (and no longer quite so hated) so House of M can be a base to jump off from maybe. but Multiverse does seem to be the obvious route to go (psychics from another timeline detecting new mutants so they travel to try and help etc.)
    Either way, this is a really exciting time for us mutie lovers. Friends of Humanity lost.
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  18. He


    The way Kamala was transported / swapped with Carol had an interesting aesthetic. Chaotic even.
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  19. Did they though? I just presumed she shape-shifted like she can in the comics?
  20. If she shape shifted I think she'd have looked in the mirror or something. She seemed more confused by her surroundings than anything.
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