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Ms. Marvel (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jun 8, 2022.

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    I think they swapped physical places. Carol’s reaction was about where she was, not how she looked. Notice how she’s not even wearing the bangle.
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  2. My response to any criticism of Kamran’s (admittedly poor) acting.
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  3. It only got super terrible for me in that last episode... before that, not too bad.

    Hearing his British accent was kinda jarring though. So many American shows throwing in a random Brit these days, and tbh, as a British person myself its messing with my whole 'escapism' vibe.
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  4. The bad acting wasn’t the major flaw with the character. He was just horribly written.

    Wig at the mutant revelation! Someone brought up Kamala’s new power-set reminded them of Armor from X-Men and sure enough…
    I’m a little sus at Carol popping in like that. Is that really Carol?!

    Overall this has been the best MCU show since WandaVision.
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  5. Yes? I don’t know why it wouldn’t be Carol. They swapped places for some reason and we will find out in The Marvels.
  6. Something about her mannerism is very un-Carol like.
  7. Yes they swapped places. This is from Marvel’s recap of the episode on their website

  8. I was confused as well, to be honest. It didn't feel like Brie Larson as Carol Denvers, I think that's why some people were confused. It also didn't look like her, she looked so small like a child. I didn't understand at first if she had shape-shifted or teleported.
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    I think it was supposed to be a cute gag, funny moment.

    Her lack of armor was a bit strange as it makes her look tiny.
  10. I think this is my problem as well and probably contributes to why I hated the Karli character in Falcon
  11. Might be our first hint that they're softening Carol a bit to have her play a little better in counterpart to Kamala, I don't doubt there's gonna be a lot of banter between the The Marvels and Kamala may bring out Carol's goofier side.

    Tangent but I wonder what costume Monica will have in the movie. A solid adaptation of her Nextwave look would be nice but it'll probably be one of her newer ones.

    lol yeah I've had the same reaction to every British character in the MCU that isn't Hayley Atwell.

    That being said, would love to see Excalibur on screen...
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  12. I love Brie, so this isn’t shade. But truly we haven’t seen much of Carol’s actual personality on screen. I don’t think it was especially out of character because we’ve barely seen who modern day Carol is.
  13. That is true. I seem to forget that Captain Marvel is meant to be set in the (early?) 90s so it’s been decades since then (and she hasn’t aged a day nn)
  14. Overall I loved the series and how it presented an ethnicity and background not highlighted enough in mainstream media and being able to learn a bit more about it was enjoyable. Kamala was a cute main character, with the idea of learning your new abilities being on-point and shown well, especially since it was the actress's on-screen debut. Good for her. I loved the parents, how they bridged the gap between being over-protective-yet also-completely supportive of Kamala's new gifts. The family dynamic felt warm and real, even with the all of cultural aspects that make their family unique to a western family's life; it still looked relatable. Her friends were great. Kamran was a bit meh. Some of the storyline and action sequences especially, were treading a bit too light and were missing something, but when you take the mini-series simply as an introduction to the new character and a catapult to bigger and better things, it all works well.
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  15. Brie also looked smaller because the scene was shot before she started bulking/training for the new Marvels film, so that may play a factor into it.
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    That is what I gather, but I never know when they film what in the MCU.
  17. I forgot that some of these Disney plus shows have been filmed years ago.

    I think Ms Marvels revelation solidifies rumors about Black Panther’s nemesis in the new movie.
    Plus I could easily see them teasing Storm.
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  18. The scene could even be part of the movie.
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  19. Maybe that explains why that particular bit of FX design looked so much better than everything else in the series.

    Not a knock or anything on the show, but the chaotic visual of her teleporting through the door just seemed to have a lot of character and budget behind it.
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  20. I liked the finale and the show overall and I'm happy we're getting mutants a little sooner than expected... But I'm not super stoked Kamala is a mutant/is inevitably gonna be lumped in with the x-men. She has absolutely no history with that group, period. And I think her having this development kinda overshadows the new characterization that they came up with nn. Like... her powers very clearly come from the bangle and the Noor dimension. Does that mean the other women in her family are mutants too? Is Kamran a mutant?

    Obviously there's characters like Magik and in a way Juggernaut who have powers from like items etc., but nn the powers should always come from the mutation first.

    IDK, I'm a very big x-men fan and it just seems like it's not totally thought out, especially since they carved out a unique space for her, and also I want the x-men to be done right fjdnsnns
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