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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, May 18, 2012.

  1. They're signed to Columbia and have Columbia A&R staff - Creep City is most likely a vanity label.
  2. It's their own "label", just Columbia do all the work. A vanity label if you like, what's the problem with that? Who cares? They're not gonna sell any less music because, shock horror, they aren't a "true" independent act.
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  3. I really like the video for "Fantasy." Reminds me a bit of Mulholland Drive in places.
  4. Oh, it's just cute is all. I'm inclined to look askance at most of the things Lizzy does.
  5. Love them! Hope they have more success this year.
  6. I'm not sure they can become a top 40 act (they just slid down to #132 on iTunes, possibly already peaked!) but the album may well be a decent seller with the right exposure and music press support. I'm really into the darker side of pop music and it's great acts like MS MR can come along mix up the palate a bit. They're definitely one of the better bands to turn up in the last few years for me. Massive potential.
  7. Interesting artwork, I think I like it.
    I'm glad someone finally made them a Wikipedia page.
  8. I quite like that cover!
  9. Their imagery is so on point. I wish them loads of success.
  10. Excited! They're so promising. Chvrches are like their snappier brasher cousins
  11. I much prefer them to Chvrches.
  12. I do not wish them the best at all.
  13. How rude.
  14. I watched them open for Marina & The Diamonds last year & I swear Max 'eye-fucked' me the whole set (like all of these thirsty groupie girls say), hahaha. Then again, I wasn't sure who they were back then, so I just kind of ignored it. He's cute!
  15. New video for "Hurricane". It's weird and all sorts of amazing.

  16. It's very beautiful, but ???????
  17. Fantastic video. Solidifies my standom.

    RE: The album - much like Charli XCX, many of the tracks have been released already. I'm hoping they're saving some of the best for release day.
  18. I saw them open for Jessie Ware on Friday and was revolted.
  19. This album will be my favorite thing of 2013, I can feel it.
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