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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, May 18, 2012.

  1. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I remember when I saw them at a Marina concert and literally everyone was like "This is cool OMG THE BLONDE GUY IS SO HOT OMG".
  2. So pleased the critical response to their album seems to have killed their momentum. Could not have happened to a more deserving pair of people.
  3. Gawd.

    Persistent vengefulness is not a good color on you.
  4. Did they do something to you or what?
  5. Yes. Haven't you asked once already?

    (It helps that the album is terrible, of course.)
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  6. I've never seen someone be actually vindictive towards a band or musician before.
  7. I'm going to see them live tomorrow. Missed them last month at the Melt! Festival, I only heard good stories about their show.
  8. They are brilliant live, I saw them not too long ago in Manchester, but the venue was so hot I honestly am surprised I didn't melt into the sticky floor.
  9. Well, it would help if you told us what they exactly did to you that makes them such a terrible band.
  10. Their music needs a little more... oomph.
  11. It already has a lot of subtle oomph actually.
  12. It's just my opinion, friend.
  13. Oh, of course. I wasn't trying to attack you or anything, sorry if it came across that way.
  14. The album hasn't held up for me.
  15. I believe there was a Universal employee who waged a really long and tedious vendetta against VV Brown after she kicked over his 'WET FLOOR' sign, but apart from that no. It's all a little unseemly.

    Anyway....I gave the album a listen, and aside from Think of You nothing really stood out.
  16. At least tell us what they did, or point us to the post where you already told someone.
  17. Seriously?! Oh VV.
  18. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Yeah, I'd like to know what they did too.

    I suppose they do look very pleased with themselves but I wonder if that's all Nunya and my perception.
  19. [​IMG]

    Yesterday night. They were amazing.

    I'm on the left with my friend (who is standing in our boat, haha).
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